No More (Daytime) Diapers

I have been too nervous, and not looking forward to the cleanup, to just have Wallace without diapers all day no matter where we go. He does pretty well at home and at Gramma’s house as long as we haven’t just spent a whole day out and about with diapers on. When I have tried to do no diapers for short car rides, he has hat two out of three end with a wet car seat. (Why don’t they make these things fully washable?!)

He has used a public toilet twice and did great. Once was at the library and I asked on a whim. The second time was this weekend at a restaurant. He pulled at the side of his diaper and wanted it off. I asked if he needed to go potty and he said yes. Ended up he needed to poop and he has been doing that on the potty since he was 10 months old.

Yesterday, he had two pee accidents at home, one on me. I’m pretty over that! Sometimes he goes weeks without an accident, but that is when we are home most of the time. Before we moved, he could go diaper free for naps at home (I didn’t dare try it at work). That doesn’t happen now except for on accident twice, both ending on shortened naps and wet sheets. His naps are such crap anyway where he wakes up halfway through, still exhausted but wanting to nurse.

I looked for waterproof training pants at the store the other day but the only option is the crinkly plastic Gerber ones for $8 a two pack. I found this tutorial to turn underpants into waterproof trainers. I tried a variation of it, with the PUL on the inside, but think they turned out too bulky. I put them on Wallace and he said “diaper!” I feel like he needs that little bit of extra protection to get to the bathroom when he feels it wet. My other option would be a diaper cover over his underpants. It wouldn’t have an absorbency and it might feel too much like a diaper for him.



I will definitely be carrying extra clothes, underwear, and a wetbag wherever we go and constantly reminding him he has underwear on! I think I will pick up a pack of puppy pads for in the car seat. It’s not safe to put anything extra between child and seat but it also isn’t safe to have the buckle webbing get wet.


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6 Responses to No More (Daytime) Diapers

  1. Lindsay says:

    Awwww, he looks so proud of himself in his undies! So cute. And good job Wallace on being diaper-free during the daytime!

  2. We will see! Gonna save these for out and about and he has regular underwear for at home. He stares at himself in the mirror like that all the time lol.

  3. Big news! We love the old navy boxer briefs. Carter’s all have planets and i’m kicking myself for not ordering the next size up because his bum is getting too big for them I fear.
    Puppy pads are a great idea and i think totally safe for a car seat (and i’m a car seat freak).
    Way to go Wallace!

  4. He has Thomas ones we got handed down like new and some cute Hane’s boxer briefs I got at a store closing sale. The Old Navy ones are cute but these ones are 2T/3T and I had to sew in the sides to make them stay up. I got them on clearance and have the other brief style too. They are cute!
    How do you get them not to pee in the car seat? He gets all relaxed and pees, or if he falls asleep, he pees when he wakes up.

  5. Once it clicked that Carter held his pee it pretty much clicked across the board. I kept putting him in training pants for nap time and bedtime because I assumed he wasn’t ready but he just kept them dry. I think think he has only wet the bed 3 times since february. I also did pull ups for car trips that were more than a few minutes but that wasn’t necessary. Generally speaking the reading I did suggested not to push those things. If he is getting relaxed in the car then do a diaper/pull-up/training pant because his mind is prioritizing rest and relaxation over bodily functions and he probably needs it.

  6. He totally gets to hold his pee and he can stop the flow too. He thinks it is hilarious to stop and start the flow into the toilet. I think he just gets confused about the diapers out of the house and when he can pee and when he needs to tell me he needs to go potty. For a while he would go pull down his underwear and pee on the little potty on his own. He would dump it into the toilet and try to rinse it out too. Will try diapers for the long car rides that I expect him to nap for and puppy pads for the short ones.

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