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MicroBlog Monday: Craft Fair

I decided to do a craft fair in November. I’m trying to plan what to make and get a head start on it all. I start two online classes next week and don’t want to end up scrambling with nothing … Continue reading

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I’m On the Internet!

Over two years ago, I submitted a couple pictures to a tumblr page depicting lesbians and babies. I stopped using my account and forgot all about it. Until this past week when I got an email asking if my pictures … Continue reading

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Falling Apart

I got an email from Birthingway that accreditation for the lactation program fell through and won’t be done in time for me to start school. That means no financial aid. That means probably no student loans, federal or private, though … Continue reading

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Yoga Time!

I used to be an avid Bikram Yoga student (though I love the series and way of teaching, Bikram himself is a whole different can of worms) and I miss it terribly. I had this fantasy that I could get … Continue reading

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Yesterday in Bullet Points

• woke up before Wallace • yogurt and fruit for breakfast • cleaned papers off desk • Wallace made birthday card • printed class schedule and book list • found EI evaluations • showered alone • dressed • Jungle Book … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Token

You ever walk into a party/gathering and realize you are the only gay person there? Okay, well maybe you were the only white person, the only person of color, the only straight person… but, you know what I mean. Here … Continue reading

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New Header

I finally changed the header image on my blog! It is only the third one I have ever had. Nothing fancy, but it shows me pregnant, brand new Wallace, first birthday, and around second birthday. I figured since many people … Continue reading

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