Doctor Update

We finally had our doctor appointment last Wednesday. Our first one was canceled when the doctor called in sick after we were already there to fill out paperwork. On Monday I got a call that our Tuesday appointment would have to be canceled because the doctor had a family emergency. I am not a fatalist but I had a feeling this would happen. They scheduled us back to back appointments with a nurse practitioner for Wednesday.

I made it barely on time for mine but the lady couldn’t get the correct insurance information in the computer, which I thought they had done two weeks ago. It was getting hectic with another lady getting upset and I called my insurance to make sure the right doctor was listed. I don’t know what the lady was doing wrong in the computer, but ten minutes later, too late to have my own appointment, she was able to get the correct information for both of us.

Meanwhile, Wallace peed in the chair and I had to rush him to the bathroom. Thankfully it was a little pee and easy to clean up and switch clothes. When we got done in the bathroom, we were sent back to the main waiting area. After half an hour of trying to keep Wallace near me, he told me he had to poop. Of course, as soon as I closed the door the bathroom I heard his name! I peaked out and told her we would be right out.

It was another 40 minutes in the exam room with a now impatient and bored two year old. We exhausted all the toys I had brought and then the snacks. He eventually started trying to lick the walls and chairs and himself.

Finally the nurse practioner doctor came in. I have no idea how we got switched to being seen by a doctor but I don’t care. I liked her and she listened to me. She was patient and unhurried, which is rare with anyone let alone doctors. She even called me a “good mom” when I explained about how I meticulously kept records of his weights and liver enzyme levels during that first year+ of low weight gain and feeding issues.

She agreed with a neurologist referral for his low tone and a prescription for new orthotics. She looked at his cradle cap and said to start back up with the selsun blue regimen then decrease to once a week and see if it keeps it under control. I didn’t show her his eczema because it was really faint.

I should have discussed my concerns about possible food allergies but I was just ready to be done and home. This weekend I was doing some reading and found a correlation between food allergies and celiac disease with low muscle tone. I will mention it to the neurologist when we go as one possibility since it would be a lot better than cerebral palsy. It would just be a matter of figuring out the allergens and eliminating them from our diets.

It was over 3 hours from when we left the house to when we returned. We were exhausted and hungry and I had to cancel our playdate plans for the evening. Tomorrow is his appointment for the orthotics and if I don’t hear anything about a neurologist referral by Wednesday I will call and ask. It could be a few months until there is an opening.

Maybe someday I will make another appointment for me and discuss my chronic pain and malar rash on my face…


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7 Responses to Doctor Update

  1. Lindsay says:

    I really hope it’s “just” food allergens and not CP. Yes, please make sure you make another appointment for yourself! We don’t put ourselves first enough (hard to do!) but we ought to.

  2. Can I just get my massage I bought instead?

  3. Lindsay says:

    Nope. Do both!

  4. Part of me doesn’t want to figure out what is wrong with me until after I have another kid.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Are you afraid that finding out would prevent you from having another?

  6. Yes… what if it is another autoimmune disease?

  7. Lindsay says:

    It’s scary to think about. I hope that is not the case. But even if it is, better to find out sooner so you can get yourself proper care for whatever it may be.

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