Two Year Molars

These things are taking forever! I noticed him gnawing on his fingers and felt the bumps coming and going since March. That is nearly five months to break skin. Well, the bottom two have at least. I wouldn’t doubt if the top two don’t come in until he is three.

He has been overall eating and sleeping better for the last few weeks. There have been a few nights where he was in his bed all night. There have been days where he eats an impressive amount. Yay growth spurt!

In other news, I crocheted a snail for fun and it turned out really cool.


I also get to go on a date on Sunday. Ya know, a first date four months into dating! We haven’t figured out what to do yet. There isn’t much to do by me on a Sunday afternoon, or most other times.

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2 Responses to Two Year Molars

  1. Lindsay says:

    Have fun on your date! Who’s watching Wallace?

  2. My friend Kristy who I worked for for a year. He should be fine but it might be rough for a minute. We were going to go roller skating but my body hurts really bad today.

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