I am going to need some soon. It is highly unlikely I would be able to get enough babysitting work here since it was impossible before. I am also not expecting to receive my workers compensation claim until December at the earliest. My meager savings and tax return is dwindling and I don’t want to run out. I could completely cut back on all unnecessary expenses and possibly make it last but it will be tight.

My options for work seem to be babysitting, retail, and working a 40 hour a week desk job. Retail has crappy pay and wacky hours, making childcare not really an option. The desk job would be great if I could make it work in 30 hours a week but that isn’t an option. My friend’s husband is a trainer there and would probably be able to get me hired.

I have been checking the county jobs website regularly with no luck for the WIC job that should have been posted on there at least a month ago. I also called WIC and talked to someone as well as left messages. That is frustrating me because I really want to do that and get the peer counseling experience.

I’m not sure that Wallace is old enough for the free morning head start. Even if he is, it won’t be enough childcare for a regular part time job. I could use that time to sew things I can sell, but I can usually get a bit of that done with him around if I buckle down and do it. Full time childcare would cost too much for any job I can get and I really don’t think he is ready for that. I also want to raise my child and I fear that would make me feel like someone else is.

I feel like there is a creative solution out there that I’m not aware of. I could do a work from home computer based job if I had a legitimate one to go through. If anyone has an awesome idea, I’m open to suggestions. I know there is low income childcare assistance but in Chicago there was a 6 month wait list. It can also be cut off if you make too much money or if you don’t have all the paperwork in. I would then have to go with whatever facility has openings and accepts that kind of payment.

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11 Responses to Income

  1. kayrosey says:

    If I were you I would do whatever paperwork needs to be done so I could have the childcare assistance. Having that in place will make getting a job much less stressful.

  2. Mel says:

    I don’t have a fantastic idea for a job, but I just wanted to give a hug. Looking for a job is so stressful.

  3. Ugh. It totally is. And I have been looking since we moved. I am babysitting tomorrow even though I think I won’t be able to get Wallace to nap there and it could be a hellish afternoon. I didn’t want to say no 😦

  4. Gille says:

    Do you have sources for WAH jobs or do you mean that you need some? I have a few that I recommend but don’t want to be misreading what you wrote and then offer what you didn’t ask for. I’m not sure what I can suggest that would be relatively quick, I’m sorry. I’ve been in the same position though. I did work for our local paper when my son was little. It was part time but every night. I took him with me and it was fine except for Sundays but even then it’s possible just a little harder. It varied from 2-3 hours a night to a full 6 or 7 but that was once a week. There was no application process and you started right off. It’s definitely not for everyone but in a pinch, working in a warehouse is super simple work. Wish I had something better to offer that would be quick and easy. Hopefully WIC gets in contact with you soon.

  5. I would love to know what you have to recommend. You can email me if you prefer at goodfamiliesdo at gmail dot com. I don’t think I could bring Wallace to work with me for anything other than babysitting/nanny work. I’m not holding my breath that WIC is going to post the position. I was told one woman was leaving in July to move out of state and another in August/September to have another baby.

  6. Wallace might actually really like the morning head start? I know all kids are different, but as nervous as I was about it, M has really thrived and grown and enjoyed her “school”.

  7. He is still so tentative about new people and places. I’m not even sure he is old enough.

  8. Early head start starts at a year of age in Washington and it’s free. Maybe see if you have that there?

  9. Here early head start is a weekly home visit. We did it before to prove to CPS I was a good mom and I hated it. I do enough with my kid and don’t need someone coming in and telling me what songs to sing etc. I called the local head start and he isn’t old enough for the half day program.

  10. Gille says:

    I haven’t forgotten! I’ll send you an email hopefully tomorrow and get info to you. Had homework deadlines that took me too long. Sorry.

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