MicroBlog Monday: First Date

Four months in and we got to go on our first date without Wallace! I think it went well and I’m hoping for a second date.

When Wallace woke up from nap, we got him ready, explained the plan, and took him to Kristy’s house. I worked for Kristy for a year and now she has two kids, E is three and Q is six months. We get together pretty regularly and Wallace adores them. I packed him extra clothes, water bottle, bathing suit, and he wanted to bring Froggy. I tried to make the drop off pretty quick with hugs and kisses and goodbye.

We had planned to go rollerskating but I was really sore and we both had headaches. We found a new place for dinner, which is hard here with me being gluten free, and then walked around a little in a different small town. All the stores were closed because it was Sunday. We walked by a river and just hung out and talked, then got locally made ice cream.

It was really good to just relax and be with each other but totally odd to not have Wallace with us. Wallace seemed fine when we left and I was told he didn’t get upset. The hardest part for Kristy was two kids who didn’t want to share. He ate a decent dinner and played a ton. He was engrossed with a bubble maker when we came back and couldn’t care less about giving me a hug.

All in all, a success! And that was his first time being with someone other than my parents or L.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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1 Response to MicroBlog Monday: First Date

  1. Lindsay says:

    Low key dates are the best kinds, I think. I’m glad you had fun and W did so well!

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