MicroBlog Monday: Craft Fair

I decided to do a craft fair in November. I’m trying to plan what to make and get a head start on it all. I start two online classes next week and don’t want to end up scrambling with nothing to sell. When I last went to this fair, there wasn’t a lot of kids things, which is what I want to make. I’m thinking things people can give as presents and I’m open to ideas!

Here is my list so far:
25 doll diapers (almost done except for Velcro)
6 floor cushions
8 doll mei tais
20 bandanna bibs (I’ve not made these before)
Crochet animals
Crochet finger puppets

I would like to use fabric and supplies I already have on hand so I can keep my upfront cost low. What handmade items for kids would you buy from a craft fair?


Watching me sew a doll diaper.

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19 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Craft Fair

  1. Mel says:

    Doll clothes, especially in American Girl doll size, which tends to fit a lot of other dolls, too. It’s a great idea to start making stuff early.

  2. That’s what my (former) step mom used to make for craft fairs. Unfortunately, they are kind of a pain in the butt to make. They are pretty time consuming with all the little fiddly bits.

  3. AndiePants says:

    Bandanna bibs would definitely beer on my list!!

  4. I bought some for Wallace’s first birthday and loved them. I don’t know what kind of fabric they used to make it drool resistant. Mine also had plastic snaps. Liked that but don’t have the tools for that yet. Undecided on how to do them!

  5. Bandana bibs are nice and easy! I bust those out. Headbands are also a quick sew if you have some knit/jersey around. I like them because they are easy and kept Carter’s hair back well. http://morgans2day.blogspot.ca/2013/06/diy-top-knot-jersey-knit-headband.html

  6. I havent sewn with knits before. No walking foot yet. If I can get one, I really like that idea!

  7. I have no problem without a walking foot for this type of thing!

  8. You can try if you have an old tshirt or something with a bit of stretch.

  9. Okay, will do! I don’t even have a stretch stitch on my machine.

  10. They are exceptionally time consuming. In order to pay myself an hourly rate, the price would be beyond what anyone would want to pay.

  11. kayrosey says:

    How about that crochet puzzle ball thing? I would actually buy one of those at a craft fair, especially if you could figure out how to make it look like an animal.

  12. There is a book by the same person with animal ones. The ball turned out great but it was a pain in the butt to make. (Notice a trend here? Lol)

  13. kayrosey says:

    Ha! Yes, I’m noticing a trend. I would pick one or two things that require a little more effort though so you can charge more for them.

  14. I’m hoping to make a handful of cool crochet animals. They can be time consuming but have probably no cost to me because I have a decent stash of yarn. Anything too complicated will end up being just one of something and I would like to be able to pick things I can make 4-6 minimum.

  15. Lindsay says:

    I saw on etsy they cost a fortune

  16. I just bought ballpoint needles and some pink and purple houndstooth knit! And why did I only buy 2 yards of some really cute flannel that was $1.50 a yard?

  17. Melinda says:

    Purses for little girls are cute and owls are very “in” right now and quite easy to do.

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