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MicroBlog Monday: Low Tone

It has been a constant struggle to get any doctors to acknowledge my concerns about Wallace’s low muscle tone and motor delays. They like to get you with “he will grow out of it” or “he looks fine to me.” … Continue reading

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I gotta say, learning to be alone again feels a helluva lot harder than having been alone for so long was. There’s this absent-presence not to mention a two year old who can’t comprehend the change. There is no cap … Continue reading

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In Other News…

*This was meant to post last night, but Wallace woke up right as I was grabbing links for it.* As of last night, I’m single again. I couldn’t put enough of my energy and time into each thing in my … Continue reading

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Interview With a Toddler

I tried so hard to get Wallace to practice the interview questions I stole from Solo Mama but he clams up and won’t respond. On his actual half birthday, we were at Wheatland running around and having fun. I’m going … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: First Tattoo

At Wheatland this past weekend, Wallace got his first tattoo… Temporary of course. He wanted to show it off to everyone and was a little sad when it washed off. As a tattooed mom, I’m not sure how I will … Continue reading

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Crazy Times

Doctor I had a consultation with a naturopathic doctor yesterday. Well, she is in school for it and I have known her multiple years. We went over a lot of history and issues as well as what I think is … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Halloween

Last year, I had planned to go to a neighborhood thing in Chicago with Wallace dressed as Harold and me with a page from Harold and the Purple Crayon on my shirt. I felt like crap from him keeping me … Continue reading

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Wallace’s Words

Wallace’s language exploded after he started walking. Of course only I could understand most of what he said until around his second birthday. I think he is pretty understandable now but he still has a few oddly pronounced words. Each … Continue reading

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