Wallace’s Words

Wallace’s language exploded after he started walking. Of course only I could understand most of what he said until around his second birthday. I think he is pretty understandable now but he still has a few oddly pronounced words. Each toddler has their on dialect but maybe you can figure these out.

Meena (phasing out)

Sometimes he makes up words and I have no idea what he is talking about. I ask him “are you making up words?” He also likes to add y to the end of words and thinks he is so funny and creative. Our conversations are at least varied and more interesting these days than “why”!

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9 Responses to Wallace’s Words

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love toddler-speak and toddler-isms and trying to interpret what they’re saying!

    “Wunchadot” sounds like maybe “Whatcha got?”

  2. Clue: it is one word.

  3. kayrosey says:

    Watching Ali’s language develop has been super cool to me too. I’d need one or two translations for Wallace’s words to be able to decipher (maybe!) the others. Right now Ali subs ‘s’ sounds for ‘f’ sounds a lot of the time, it’s cute šŸ™‚

  4. Wallace says likkle and I will be sac when it goes away. He had a hard time with t, l, and r.

  5. my guesses:

    Meena (phasing out) – Me?
    Kashago – no clue
    Monacoota – no clue
    Pehcoota – no clue
    Dikehless – necklace?
    Wunchadot – astronaut?
    Veys – keys?
    Duayndess – Drain this? or maybe something with trains?

  6. Meena- is a word that starts with B
    Dikehless – starts with R and has a couple more syllables
    Wunchadot – R word that has similar sounds as astronaut
    Veys- often said as “veys much” and makes him sound like an old German woman
    Duayndess – it’s not safe, it’s…

  7. ridiculous?!?
    and restaurant?
    and dangerous?

    still dont know the others.

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