MicroBlog Monday: Halloween

Last year, I had planned to go to a neighborhood thing in Chicago with Wallace dressed as Harold and me with a page from Harold and the Purple Crayon on my shirt. I felt like crap from him keeping me up all night so we didn’t go. The year before, I had planned a Lion costume but it was too big. I put him in a pumpkin costume and took pixtures. Another night, I put him in a green sleeper with a frog hat and took more adorable pictures. I had attempted to carve a pumpkin but had a migraine.

This year, he has opinions and likes but no concept of Halloween. He probably won’t like the whole going to people’s doors and talking to them thing, but maybe with friends showing him how and the reward of candy (that I will have to sort through and only let him have certain ones…) he will think it’s fun.

But, the question of what he should be is hanging over me! It could be 70s or 35 and snowing/raining in Michigan, so versatility is important. He doesn’t watch any TV or movies. He hasn’t really gotten into dressup and only does a little pretend play that could be turned into a costume. It could be a costume just for him or it couls be a family costume. I’m open to suggestions! And I sew.

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6 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Halloween

  1. My step mom took it upon herself to buy Sweet Pea a costume at Costco. It’s a mermaid one. Non Disney, which is a big surprise for her. You could just get him a generic costume 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    Gosh I have no ideas for you. I don’t know what Evelyn will be, either. We were in NYC to visit her sister Dahlia and parents last year, and she went trick or treating with D and her friends but Evelyn *refused* to put on her costume. Evie’s first Halloween, I didn’t bother with a costume. Just got her a cute outfit with Halloween something or other on it and took pics.

    What about the paper bag princess and the dragon? Not sure you’d want to wear a gown or paper bag out and about, though. 😉

  3. Mel says:

    I’ve made the twins costumes from their favourite books. So one year, they went as an aquarium featuring the fish in a Lucy Cousins book. This year, they’re Harry Potter characters. Book characters are our go-to.

  4. I love books. Harold would have been cute if we’d made it out the door and the Crayon didn’t look ap phallic. Some favorite books right now are Pete the Cat, Go, Dog, Go!, and now I am drawing a blank because we have a ton of books and I have a migraine. A friend did Pete the Cat for her son last year and it was super cute.

  5. I don’t actually have that book. I must have at one point, we love Robert Munsch in my family (and Wallace loves Good Families Don’t). I hope Evelyn does halloween this year!

  6. A mermaid sounds fun for her. I will definitely make something, and hopefully simple.

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