Crazy Times

I had a consultation with a naturopathic doctor yesterday. Well, she is in school for it and I have known her multiple years. We went over a lot of history and issues as well as what I think is going on, over two hours. I think if I went to a mainstream doctor, I would be diagnosed with fibromyalgia and put on lots of medication. It wouldn’t get to the root cause of my issues or work to improve my health.

With a naturopathic perspective it comes down to leaky gut, a liver in need of help, and some nervous system issues. We might fight more that needs to be done, but I am starting with cutting out dairy, soy, corn, beef, and pork, adding in more probiotics and a couple vitamins I am showing signs of needing, and taking some herbs to help my liver and nerves. We also discussed my migraines and she had some ideas for that. The diet changes will be hard but totally worth it. If I can get to even half the pain I have been in, it will be amazing.

Yesterday, my two online courses started. I am taking Writing Composition and Introduction to Anthropology. I’m nervous about being ablen to get everything done on time and also getting myself to write on command. I was able to start looking at one class last night and get two small things done. I have a 300 word essay due next Wednesday on what it is to be American (I have no idea where to start with that). I had a migraine and had to stop there for the night.

I just got an email from Birthingway with more information on what went on with the accreditation. They seem pretty certain that there will be no financial aid available for this coming school year (starts in April), so no Portland for us.

Monday evening, I got a text from a friend asking if I would be available for a 4 afternoon a week babysitting job. I was feeling wary of working for a friend again, but not this one! We met at the hospital birthing class, with our moms in tow, and had the same midwife. We both breastfeed, cloth diapered, and are single moms (though she went about it the more traditional way). She finished college and then grad school while pregnant and momming. She has her shit together and her head on straight, has a good job, and just bought a condo. She also started and runs a farmers’ market and a cloth diaper loan progran. Our kids are a couple weeks apart in age.

My one reservation is that it will likely mean no nap time for Wallace, having to get there at 1:45. I think he still really needs naps and his behavior goes to shit whenever he doesn’t get one. I start two days next week, then go to the regular four days. Her dad will be there watching her in the morning, then we show up, and my friend gets home from work 4-5 hours later. If dad gets called not to come into work due to weather, then we will get a couple hours notice.

I have been trying to get Wallace to join me for some yoga everyday. I’ve managed to do Sun Salutations (which my wrist hates) more days than not, but haven’t really been able to get him to do anything. It doesn’t help that his behavior has been off the charts the last couple weeks. I’m barely able to get him to cooperate with basic things let alone something new and different.

We had our second session with the Yoga for the Special Child teacher tonight. I wish she were closer because I think consistency would really help him to get the hang of it and participate. He is eager to try something up until the moment you ask him to try it. Long car rides, new places and people, and messed up routines just aren’t easy for him.


Sushi after yoga was a fail.

We head to Wheatland Friday for camping and music and lots of people. It will be our third year. I’m trying to get food planned and prepped, lists made, things found, and stuff packed. Lots of things I am looking forward to but there are some negatives weighing on me too. I’m hoping it goes smoothly, is fun, and we get half decent sleep. We’ll see.

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6 Responses to Crazy Times

  1. Lindsay says:

    Those dietary changes are going to be hard – so many things to give up! – but totally worth it if they help get rid of your pain, or at least some of it.

    Good luck with your school stuff! You can hammer out 300 words in no time. And is there really any right or wrong answer for what it means to be American? Seems like there would be 319 million different answers to that question!

  2. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer. It’s not a subject I think about. Unfortunately, that is what our book is about we have to read. So stupid.

  3. bumbismom says:

    The title says it all. You have a lot going on. Wishing you the best on all fronts.

  4. Sarah says:

    Have you ever tried, or discussed with your naturopathic friend, castor oil packs for your liver? If your migraines are hormonally triggered, that is what got rid of my hormonal migraines – a recommendation from my ND. It was (and 5.5 years later) remains one of the best things I’ve ever done, and is so affordable. Just a thought! The dietary changes can be very difficult, but really can and usually do make all the difference, if you really commit to it. Hope things go well with school and the new job (and everything else!), and I really hope things come together for Portland eventually!

  5. Thanks! We just got back From Wheatland so I now have to seriously do the dietary changes and work on the herbs and things we had discussed. I will email her about castor oil packs. I don’t think my migraines are hormonally connected. A lot has to do with my neck and tongue tie and food, I believe. I also have a correlation with weather and chemical sensitivities.

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