MicroBlog Monday: First Tattoo

At Wheatland this past weekend, Wallace got his first tattoo…


Temporary of course. He wanted to show it off to everyone and was a little sad when it washed off.

As a tattooed mom, I’m not sure how I will actually handle the pressure for piercings and tattoos he may someday put on me. “But, Mom! You have tattoos all over. Not letting me get one is hypocritical!” Someday I will have to cross that bridge but for now, the occasional temporary tattoo or face paint will suffice.

What rules for tattoos, piercings, and hair dying do you have for your kids?

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12 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: First Tattoo

  1. AndiePants says:

    I figure I’ll tell him I had to wait until I was 18, so he will too! And I’m ultimately glad I was older, and even then, I’m still not exactly thrilled with the tattoo I got on my 18th birthday!

  2. I hate almost every single one of my tattoos, so I’ll try to discourage her from getting them. But when she turns 18, and she wants them, she’s obviously able to. Piercings, depending on what they are she can be younger. And hair dying at any age. It’s her hair and it will grow out.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hair dying, no big deal. She can do that whenever she asks for it, it’s temporary. Tattoos? Gosh, I don’t know. I got a tattoo that I loathe at 18. I think it depends on her maturity level and her reasons for wanting to get a tattoo, but I’d say absolutely no younger than 16.

    I love Wallace’s tattoo!

  4. I got my first tattoo at 19 I believe. I want to instill good tattoo sense in him.

  5. Why do you dislike your tattoos? I want Wallace to learn how to plan and design and find a good artist if he wants tattoos. The only thing I regret about my tattoos is wishing I had known to research what is in them. Red and black have heavy metals and there are less than stellar ingredients.

  6. I know a lot of schools don’t allow hair dying so if he’s in school it would have to be in the summer.

  7. I like that his tattoo matches his shirt!
    I’m totally cool with hair dying whenever allowed.
    Piercings are probably fine at some point (maybe high school?) but gauging I would totally limit to some degree.
    Tattoos I would encourage kids to wait but if they are going to do it I want to help them make good decisions with where to go and who to have do it.

  8. We noticed that after she was done painting it! It was funny. Yeh I’m not sure how I feel about gauging. I also want them to understand how their appearance effects how others perceive and interact with them.

  9. deathstar says:

    None. My son can get one the second he moved out on his own and I am too old to stop him.

  10. I’m nervous to cross that bridge someday too! I have tattoos all over, the bigger ones can easily be covered but at 15 months my son is starting to notice the little ones on my wrists and foot. I feel that if he is passionate enough about something to express it on his body, then (hopefully) I’ll support him!!! šŸ™‚

  11. My son looked at me the other day and said “you have lotsa tattoos.” I have nothing above collar bones or past my wrists but he sees me naked all the time. I’m hoping to teach him to make wiser choices on this and other things than I did!

  12. JustHeather says:

    Very cute!
    I also have a few tattoos and would love more and several piercings. Hubby has nothing and doesn’t care for any of them. I say 18 for tattoos and depending on the piercing (for boy or girl), it will depend on what it is for the age. Tongue = 18, ears…when they are old enough to care for it, maybe 8?

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