Interview With a Toddler

I tried so hard to get Wallace to practice the interview questions I stole from Solo Mama but he clams up and won’t respond. On his actual half birthday, we were at Wheatland running around and having fun. I’m going to try over the course of the day to get him to answer these questions! If he won’t, then I will fill in what I think he would answer or what he has said when I was practicing with him.


I’m in italics. I had to say “hey, Wallace! Hey, Wallace!” before every question to get him to answer anything.

How old are you? Nhn

How old is Momma? Nuffin’

Who is your best friend? Aunt Tammy

What makes you happy? You.

What makes you sad? Grandpa. What about grandpa? Grandpa  makes me sad. (He cried earlier when Grandpa left and he forgot to wave bye.)

What is your favorite color? Orange

What did you do today? Played at Kids’ Hill. (That was at Wheatland. Today we went to the grocery store.)

What is your favorite thing to do? Nuffin’

What is your favorite toy? Airplane (He has two toy airplanes that are put away and he pretends a broken T-square is one too.)

What is your favorite book? Lion! What lion book? The zoo! (I went and got it, called Dear Zoo. Now he is sitting pantsless on the couch reading it. Then he folded and bit one of the doors in it and said it was a sandwhich.)

What is your favorite song? Hogo hogo hogo How about a real song? Hot dog hot dog hot diggy dog! (You know, cause he saw that on TV once in Chicago.)

Where do you live? Aunt Tammy’s house! No you don’t. Where do you live? Grandpa’s house!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Um, a train. Hoo hoo!

What’s your favorite food? Nuffin’

Who do you love? (I couldn’t get him to answer this one at all. He tells me, my dad, and L “I love you.”)

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9 Responses to Interview With a Toddler

  1. Lindsay says:

    “Nuffin'”! That is so freaking cute! I loved his answers. I suspect when they’re 3 the interviews will go a little better…I think?

  2. They’ll be interviewing us…

  3. Cute interview. Also, he seems to look more like you every time I see a photo!

  4. Hey now. My cheeks aren’t that big! 😉

  5. Ha ha. I think it’s mostly those big dark eyes, and his mouth.

  6. I totally agree. He has a good resemblence to his donor too. It’s days he looks like my estranged older brother that makes me want him to just look like his donor.

  7. That must be hard, seeing some genetic shadow at you don’t want to see.

    It’s funny, I feel like I can see so many people in Junie’s face, but mostly, she just looks like herself to me. I think it can depend what you’re looking for, as well – someone told me the other day that I look just like my dad, who is actually my stepdad. My (adopted) sister gets the same comment fairly often (that she looks like her non-bio dad) and her (genetic half) sister looks nothing like her. Sometimes mannerisms play into it, as well.

  8. Junie is still so little. Wallace didn’t look like anyone until he was at least 5 months.

  9. ruthmeaney says:

    Oh I have to try this with my daughter! It’s too cute 🙂

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