Trace Minerals: Week One

Last week, I joined an online group for parents whose kids have low muscle tone. Some kids have been diagnosed (genetic defects, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and some pretty rare conditions),but many are like Wallace with no clear cause of the hypotonia. Low muscle tone has a cause and cannot be outgrown. A person can learn to adapt and to use their body as best they can but hypotonia is not a diagnosis, it’s a symptom.

I was drawn into a post about supplementing with trace minerals. The parent posted a video of their child sitting up for four minutes unassisted. It had never happened before and the baby was past the usual age for getting in and out of sitting independently, past the age for crawling. I was definitely intrigued!

As I delved into the research that one mom, Ida Briggs, has done, I was overwhelmed with guilt and sadness that I hadn’t heard of this before when Wallace was at a crucial stage for development and nutrition. The case studies read like miracle snake oil gimics: premature babies catching up to average age milestones and growth charts in a matter of months, children who could only walk with assistance running without walkers, and cerebral palsy diagnoses being revoked.

But, it is all real and backed by science! Unfortunately, the science is for farm animals, pets, and just a few mentions in medical textbooks. For six years, Ida Briggs has been trying to get anyone with credentials to do an accredited, double blind study but no one will take her seriously. Doctors brush her off and say that her children, and the over 200 cases of parent reports, are lucky, thanks for letting them know, but they don’t have time to research it. She has attempted every avenue possible and recently gave a presentation to the state of Michigan.

So, why aren’t people jumping on this treatment? Well, self preservation and money. No one wants to fund a study for a nutritional supplement that would get rid of most of their patients and empty the NICUs. Ida analyzed and presented the financial data as to how it would save the state money on EI services, Medicaid costs, and medical devices by just meeting a child’s nutritional needs. The information is there but still no one will listen.

It’s turning into a grassroots word of mouth movement but it isn’t without its naysayers. Parents are skeptical of Ida’s research and motives but I was immediately comfortable because of her thoroughness and the fact that she is gaining nothing by doing this. She is spending her time and money to work on this cause with no kickbacks from supplement companies or any organizations.

Here is a link to some slightly outdated videos Ida made with the basic information and her story. There are four parts and the link is for the first one.

Here is a link to the presentation that she gave in Michigan in Setember 2015. It’s long and aimed at a specific audience but it is totally worth it.

A link to the Preemie Growth Project.

The big presentation has a detailed breakdown of which children are at risk for trace mineral deficiency. These include premature babies, babies who were diagnosed failure to thrive (FTT), babies whose mothers were premature, babies whose mothers have nutrional and absorption issues (Crohn’s, celiac, and candida to name a few), and babies who did not receive adequate prenatal care.

Though Wallace was born at 42 weeks and 5 days, I have Celiac and absorption issues, was very tiny myself (17lbs at one year and probably could have been diagnosed FTT), and Wallace was diagnosed FTT and low weight gain. He has low muscle tone in his whole body, had feeding and eating issues (I think he still does), and has been delayed on all gross motor milestones.

Last Friday, I picked up some trace minerals from a local health food store. It wasn’t one of the brands other people had mentioned but I didn’t want to wait to order online (and I like shopping local). I purchased Now brand colloidal minerals with raspberry flavor. I started Wallace with 3Tbs and am taking 2Tbs myself. We switched to taking it in the morning because it can give children a burst of energy and some people had issues with babies not being able to sleep.


Wallace's first dose.

According to Ida’s research, these children need a higher dose because they are making up for a deficit as well as a need for more for their growing bodies. It is called a bolus dose and anything they don’t need will exit their bodies in their urine as it is all water soluable. Makes sense to me.

It can take weeks to see the effects, or it can take a matter of days. Of course, we all start looking for changes right away! So far, Wallace’s appetite has picked up, he is pooping more (sometimes two big poops a day), he has more energy and stamina, and he is putting together bigger sentences and abstract thoughts. He is also getting his underpants and pants on and pulled up by himself, which he was struggling with for a long time. Two weeks ago, he could manage once around the block or a short walk outside at work. Yesterday, we had a morning walk that was multiple blocks and back and then later walked to the park, played, and walked all the way back. It was impressive!


He also managed this ridiculous feat two days ago.

I will write again and update on how Wallace is doing. If anyone has any questions about the information in Ida’s presentation or want more information on which brands of supplements, just ask. I didn’t want to discuss brands here beyond stating what we are taking.

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22 Responses to Trace Minerals: Week One

  1. kayrosey says:

    This is interesting. I’m very firmly in the trusting medical science category, but I do think there is a lot more to nutrition than we currently know about. It would totally make sense that if you have trouble absorbing things, he wouldn’t have gotten them in utero and if ebf, so he would have problems. And it makes sense that he would possibly have inherited your inability to process whatever.
    I digestive system is fascinating, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do when I started school.

  2. When you get the time on a computer, read her big presentation. The medical research is there! If a dog, cow, horse, etc were presenting with these same problems, they would supplement them and give them foods that contain trace minerals. Our diets are low in trace minerals for lots of reasons, there is even research showing that babies get trace minerals in utero during the last trimester of pregnancy. So, if they don’t get that last trimester to the end, they don’t get all the trace minerals they need. They just need to do a big study and set up a protocol for administering these supplements to the children who need it. It’s already in the medical books.

  3. kayrosey says:

    I’ll totally look at it later.

  4. Awesome 🙂 I just talked to Ida this morning and she is in NYC for interviews. I really really hope the potential of this will be scientifically researched and proven. All the babies it can help!

  5. kayrosey says:

    Have you had any mineral or electrolyte imbalanced show up on a blood panel? I just glanced at the specific micronutrients they are looking at, and it looks like stuff the monitor pretty closely while you are in the hospital.

  6. Some of them are minerals they do monitor. Most are trace minerals they do not monitor.

  7. I had issues with potassium while pregnant and seem to have a chronic issue with magnesium now. I also have issues with iron and b12.

  8. kayrosey says:

    Oh yeah, all that ties in with neuro and muscular system problems.

  9. This sounds pretty great & interesting so far! I hope you continue to see positive results for the both of you. Xx

  10. Exactly. When you read the information, you will wonder why these groups of babies are not already supplemented with these minerals.

  11. Thanks! I would love to be able to tell the physiatrist in 4 months what we have done and get his assessment.

  12. Yes! I’m eager to follow your progress updates!

  13. I need to do a before picture in just his underwear to compare in 4 months and see if the changes are visible. His low tone is so noticeable when clothes aren’t in the way.

  14. That’s a great idea!

  15. Hi my kids took part in the Preemie growth Project. They were 12 when we started. My boys both have CP. My son Ryan had a severe speech delay as well as physical problems. After his 1st dose Ryan was able to whisper!!! He always had trouble just getting words out . and he was WHISPERING after the 1st dose!!! The Minerals had drastic changes in core strength and alertness. I just wish my kids would have been babies or toddlers when we started. They seem to have the best outcomes! Jackie

  16. fakhar says:

    one dose per day is more than enough or two doses a day…any allergic or side effects on baby..mine is 1.5 year

  17. One bolus dose (1.5 times the adult dose) is what the current research says, once a day.. I do not know allthe brands so it would depend per bottle/brand. I do remember that there is a lower dose for infants, but 1.5 years I believe is in the 1.5 times adult dose range.

  18. Thank you for sharing! That is amazing. I understand your wish to have known earlier. I really think this will eventually be protocol and doctors will know what to look for and who to give it to.

  19. Sarah says:

    That’s some really amazing info – I’m forwarding a link to your post to some friends who are raising babies that had very rough starts! Thanks for sharing!

  20. There is a facebook group they can join too!

  21. hi!how wonderful is your blog!i went through it by googling late walkers,i’m an italian mum from MIlan, my little Margherita has just turned 15 months and i’ m so sad and worried because she is a really super fast bum shuffler.
    she is smart, clever, but she only bears weight if put on standing.
    she can stand up against a sofa but she really loves to much to go around on the bum
    we went trough so many visits and hospital
    they think she has hypermobility and a mild hypotonia, they want to start some tests but i’m scaried and it’s not so easy as you know to avoid listening to people always asking if she is walking.
    i have also bought trace minerals, having read about it on the fb group, i bought the good state brand, i dont’know if they are ok.
    Have you seen any improvements?my baby as a matter of fact has a lot of energy 🙂 so i don’t know how much she will improve.
    Ty a lot!

  22. I am not familiar with that brand yet. Is it liquid and water based colloidal trace minerals? Has she started physical therapy? Are there any of the factors identified in the presentation like prematurity, or GI issues with you or baby? My son has a lot of energy and we have definitely noticed improvements. He is on week five I think now. I haven’t updated in a couple weeks.

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