Trace Minerals: Week Two

We are almost out of the bottle of Now brand trace minerals that we started with. I decided to see what the other local store had in stock while we were near it Thursday. I picked up Concentrace and we started it today. It has a very strong bitter taste and I am trying to build us up to a full dose slowly. For him that would be 60 drops. For me, 40. Though the store had Now as well, it seems that Concentrace has more minerals in it. That company focuses on trace minerals whereas Now makes lots of different supplements.


This last week, we dealt with what appeared to be seasonal allergies and then turned into a cold. We are both congested and getting not so great sleep. I had given Wallace an allergy medication a few nights before bed but then he was up a lot in the night asking for water. He has not been nursing very well. Almost not at all on one side. I am hoping that this is temporary and due to congestion. I want to be able to continue to nurse him to help him gain weight and have added immunity.

A few days ago, when I picked him up out of his booster seat after breakfast, his body felt stronger and more muscular to me. He has always felt very soft and squishy so this was a big surprise. He continues to poop usually twice a day. Before starting these supplements, he usually went once a day and easily got constipated. He is also feeling heavier to me as of yesterday. I don’t have a scale so I won’t be able to keep track of that. His pot belly seems firmer at times and less rounded. I’m hoping that is a sign his core is strengthening.


Twice now he has walked the 5 blocks to the park, played, and walked all the way back.

On Thursday, he had an OT assessment that the physiatrist had referred him for. It was at a hospital’s rehab facility and went really well. I was expecting his low tone to be blown off again and was shocked when the therapist started talking about schedules before the assessment was complete. She commented on his grip, hand strength, and a couple things he should be able to do but isn’t. Wallace got to ride on an adapted tricycle and reluctantly got off after she assured him he could ride it next time. When I asked if he wanted to say bye and thank you, he went in for a hug!


Reading a magazine in the waiting room because there were no toys.

The one odd thing from this week is that he seems extra tickleish. When I went to put coconut oil on him after a bath, he kept laughing and pulling his legs away saying it tickled. This was really unusual especially since I have been giving him foot and leg massages after yoga without any sign of it tickling. I also use firm pressure that shouldn’t be tickle inducing. My theory is that this has something to do with growing muscles and possibly nerves being enhanced due to the minerals.

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