OT, Zzz…

Wallace had his first OT session this morning! He really liked his therapist, Samantha, during the evaluation a couple weeks ago and was excited to play with her again. I’m hoping they can develop a good rapport like he had with his PT in Chicago.

He hasn’t received services since before we moved in April because of the high delay levels required by EI in Michigan. I asked her if he should be assessed for PT too and she agreed, so that will be coming up. Though the trace minerals have made a lot of progress for him, I think therapy is also essential.

He did three fine motor activities, then played in a swing, pushed a big ball up and down a slide, and rode an adapted tricycle around the building to trick or treat. It was really cute and he worked hard. While he was having a piece of chocolate at the end, he was tired and leaning against the wall.

After, we had water, went to the bathroom, and headed to a nearby store. He ate a Lara Bar while we shopped for things for our trip to Chicago next week. I expected him to stay awake in the car since it was only 12, but he passed out in a matter of minutes. My sandwhich is gone and I should get working on schoolwork while he is passed out in the car.


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2 Responses to OT, Zzz…

  1. Lindsay says:

    Awww, he worked so hard! I’m glad he’s getting the services he needs and the wait is over.

  2. She put weights on the back of the tricycle and it was only his second time doing it, poor kid. I got a little emotional after i wrote this post because i had convinced myself he would be fine without therapy. It is clear he still needs it.

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