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I’m taking two online classes through the community college that I need in order to become an IBCLC. The school I wanted to go to for it lost their federal accreditation, so financial aid or federal student loans are no … Continue reading

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No, I’m not seeing someone new or even looking. I really don’t have the time, but I do have a lot of thoughts about it now. Even if I had the time to date, it would be highly unlikely I … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Take A Walk

A couple weeks ago, we started making walks around the neighborhood a regular thing. Once I had access to a car, we stopped walking as much and the hot summer didn’t help. It really started because someone on the other … Continue reading

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What To Blog?

Between stress making me not want to write and being busy with school and work, I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. I really don’t want to be! I’m pretty consistent about doing MicroBlog Monday but I need … Continue reading

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Trace Minerals: Week One

Last week, I joined an online group for parents whose kids have low muscle tone. Some kids have been diagnosed (genetic defects, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and some pretty rare conditions),but many are like Wallace with no clear cause of … Continue reading

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Overheard From Wallace

I like frogs all the time. They happy. Scared sometimes. Froggy’s having tatas. I like Lavinia. She’s nice. And pretty. Hey! I have a vulva. I want Ava. I love her. I want to run around and laugh with her. … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Self Care

Finding time to take care of my basic needs has been really tough as a single mom. Doing any sort of self work or care is downright scarce. Sometimes I’m just lucky I get to cut my nails when they … Continue reading

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