A Hopeful Plan

On my last post, a reader commented that Portland State University just announced they are starting an IBCLC program. They are! I watched the webinar they did that night, read all the information on their site, and am waiting on an email response to my questions.

The program runs fall through summer for two years. You have to do it in order starting in the fall and have all the health science classes done ahead of time. The first year is the lactation courses, which are one weekend each semester plus weekly distance classes. The second year is clinicals. My biggest issue is that I will not have the prerequisites done by fall 2016 and really don’t want to put this off another year past that. I am hoping they will be able to make an exception and let me finish a couple of classes concurrently with their lactation courses. By the end of the winter semester, I could have four out of seven of the prerequisites done plus medical terminology, which is an IBCLC requirement. I could take an in person or online class over the summer if the community college offers one that I need.

I like the setup of Birthingway’s program better than PSU’s. Their program is all in person, once a week, plus any extra classes you need to complete the health sciences requirements. They start their clinical hours right away with observation in their free clinic. It runs two years starting in the spring semester and can go over for the clinical experience. They haven’t miraculously gotten financial aid sorted out and taking out that much in private student loans still doesn’t make sense.

I spoke with someone from Birthingway last week about their midwifery program. I could see myself doing it down the line but right now my passion and drive is for lactation. There is also the factor of money to move and get settled. Even if my lawyer manages to get the court date set and I go to Chicago in December for it, It could be a while before I get the settlement. One of these things is going to work, right?

If you’ve got time for a novel, I just wrote a cathartic password protected post. If you don’t have my password and are a regular reader, feel free to email me at my blog title at gmail.

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