Craft Fair, Part One

I originally planned to do a craft fair with my friend the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She roped me into doing one this weekend too. I busted my butt to get enough product done and my Kam snaps and pliers arrived just in time Friday.

My stock consisted of 2 doll mei tai, 15 bandanna bibs, 23 doll diapers, and a handful of crochet items with a lone socktopus. My friend makes hemp jewelry and has been selling them for 7 years. She hasn’t made much since Ava was born and has just been selling what she already has. Our display needs some improvements but we made it work.

I went to bed at midnight, had an alarm set for 7, and made it out the door at 7:40. I dropped Wallace off at my mom’s house where she wasn’t ready for us despite me letting her know that I was on my way and didn’t have time to spare. I got him upstairs, hugs and kisses, and put the car seat in her car just in case. Then off to the fair and only a little later than I had planned.

We had a slow morning and things picked up a little in the afternoon. There were a lot more browsers than buyers. More people shopping for themselves than Christmas. I think this is in part due to the economy, which still sucks in Michigan, and that it is before Thanksgiving. I’m hoping the next one will be more lucrative. Another issue we had was a very loud and uncensored person working the craft fair who kept standing in front of us and deterring customers.

I have plans for how to make our display better and draw people in. We will also have less table space at the next one. I want to hang command strips behind us with twine and clothespins. That will display bibs, mei tai, prices, and action shot pictures. Then, a square table will have a small quantity of bibs, diapers, mei tai and whatever crochet items I have done. I will have clear plastic standing frames with action shots and prices on them.


Half of the doll diapers I made sold along with a couple crochet items and a doll mei tai. Not a single bib sold! They are so cute and I think pretty well made but they lacked a picture to make the sale. I had wanted to get pictures printed but I was crunched for time this past week. I made a small amount of profit beyond the table fee but not enough.

It was the first time I have spent a day away from Wallace. I know that wouldn’t be a big deal to most parents but it was a milestone for us. I actually got to talk with my friend for a period of time uninterrupted by toddlers. That part of it was pretty amazing. Wallace did fine when I dropped him off though he wouldn’t nap for my mom and had some bad listening moments. He was exhausted by the time I got there close to 5. I got him to eat more and we cleaned up. He was asleep in the car a little after 6.

I was so tired by the time I sat down in the car to drive home. When we finally made it in the driveway, I just sat and zoned. I got all of our bags into the house, went to the bathroom, and ate a snack before grabbing my sleeping baby from the car. (Because this happens all the time now, I bought a battery operated baby monitor and it arrived yesterday.) He was fussy and fought me putting a diaper on. It took a bit to rock him back down and get him in his bed. I got ready for bed and had to bring him to mine at about 9, after nearly falling asleep.

Now, to cut and sew more doll diapers, sew the doll mei tai, and finish the last of the bibs I have cut. Maybe I will even have time to research and write my paper for English…

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2 Responses to Craft Fair, Part One

  1. bumbismom says:

    Sounds like a successful fair and an overall good day. Sometimes it’s nice to have grown up conversations without toddler interruptions. Congrats on the sales!

  2. It could have been better but it wasn’t a loss of a day. It was so nice to not have the kids interrupting. Usually when she gets home from work, hers is all over her and mine is trying to get her attention, and we are trying to convey semi important information to each other. One or both kids usually ends of having a meltdown.

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