Craft Fair: Part Two

This past Saturday was the fair I had originally planned to do. It is run by a local organization that teaches crafts, holds craft supply swaps, and runs craft fairs. It’s one of those really cool things happening in Flint. This fair has a younger and more unique audience. There is always so much cool stuff! There were three vendors I used to work with at Borders and three others who are amazing mom friends.

I did some research and brainstorming after the first sale. It was a little lackluster and survival mode so I needed to kick it up a notch. I decided on two clotheslines behind us, pictures of the bibs and doll mei tai, and updated signage for prices.


I managed to sell all but two doll diapers (minus the three I put the Velcro on wrong), about half my bandanna bibs, and all the doll wipes. I’m so glad those were a hit! My friend did well too, but not nearly as well as she has in the past at this show. There were a good number of lulls in customers but a lot more people were ready to buy.

Wallace had an easier day with Gramma and I was less exhausted when I got to him. I grabbed us dinner and we all ate together before I drove home. He was still awake when we got home after 8pm and was a wreck until I got him to sleep.

After this, I had planned on offering up any leftovers for sale on here, but I’ve been wrangled into another fair in two weeks! If anyone would like doll diapers, doll mei tai, or bandanna bibs, please let me know and I will do custom orders.

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2 Responses to Craft Fair: Part Two

  1. Lindsay says:

    Glad to hear you did well! Must be an awesome feeling selling stuff you made and knowing someone, somewhere will be enjoying it!

  2. It is cool knowing people like the things I make. I’ve had people telling me to sell my creations for many years.

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