MicroBlog Monday: A Clothing Explosion

I’ve made some great friends here in Michigan over the years. Luckily, many have been generous with hand me downs. One friend has a son born the same day as Wallace. Because Wallace was so slow to grow, I handed clothes up to her and then she handed them, plus more, down to me. We’ve had so many hand me downs, I’ve been able to be picky and also rarely spend money on clothes!

This friend gave me a bag after the craft fair so Sunday was laundry day. I went through all of his current clothes, the next size up box I’ve got, and the bag from her. I put together outfits with pants and a long sleeve shirt or short sleeve and sweater combo on each hanger. In total, he has 25 winter outfits! Granted he only has a weeks worth of socks, underpants, and pajamas, but this is a ridiculous wardrobe.

I’m hoping this will make getting dressed easier. I can just grab a hanger, socks, and underpants and call it good. A blog I came across a year ago, the mom used hanging shoe shelves and put a complete outfit in each. That way the child could grab one outfit and get dressed. I thought this was a brilliant and simple idea for older kids. Now that day potty training is pretty solid, I rarely need the spare outfit I bring with us.

Anyone have ideas on organizing kid’s clothes and weeding out things they don’t wear? I realize he doesn’t need 25 outfits and hope to pare it down.


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3 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: A Clothing Explosion

  1. kayrosey says:

    That’s a lot of outfits! We keep between 10-15 for each season, but I don’t have a great organization system or anything. Actually, I hate laundry so much that she’s lucky to get her clothes folded and put away, we like to live out of laundry baskets here 😉

  2. Yeh it is totallt excessive. He would not have this much clothing if I had to buy it all. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I hate dishes. I replaced the garbage disposal and dishwader when I moved back because I hate it (and it hurts my wrist).

  3. Mel says:

    I am terrible at paring down. I just throw it all in a drawer and then donate when we’re done. I always say, “later, I’ll do it later.” Which becomes never…

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