Baby Clothes

It should be well known that I want to have more kids eventually. I have been hoarding baby clothes, toys, and gear in my dad’s basement. I decided to let go of a bunch of things for the mom to mom sale that we didn’t make it to last weekend, so it is all sitting in my trunk waiting to get to a consignment store. I have gone through baby clothes before and attempted to downsize my hoard but I figured I should do it again. I figured I would go grab the few boxes from the basement and get going on it. Those few boxes turned into this…


I guess I had more down there than I thought! There are still a couple boxes of cloth diapers and a couple of baby toys and books. The first step is to dump it all out.


That was really overwhelming to sit down to. I decided to just start tossing things to get rid of into a laundry basket and lay out the clothes I am keeping in nice piles by what it is. Size would be too time consuming. I started working facing the mountain of clothes and putting things to my right but found it was much easier to confront if I sat with my back to the pile. Then I had the clothes I was keeping and the laundry basket in front of me. I would reach behind, grab a pile, and start sorting.

It was really hard to ask myself what “sparks joy.” I see clothes as functional but I also have a lot of memories and feelings tied up with these clothes. Tiny newborn clothes equal joy! I’m sure I kept more than I need to but I managed to get rid of the two big boxes full. I didn’t remember to take a picture before packing it all up because it was almost midnight when I got done. Now to just get all of this stuff out of here!

I should probably take a break from decluttering and get my final exam and stuff done for my classes.

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2 Responses to Baby Clothes

  1. kayrosey says:

    Ha! My house is never as clean as it is the week before finals when I’m desperately procrastinating on studying 😉
    I have a giant pile of baby/toddler clothes too, even after giving away stuff to 2 other little girls I know. I’ve kept the premie and newborn stuff because of those emotional attachments, even though I know chances are slim that I’ll use them again. Oh well, someday I’ll be able to let it go!

  2. Ugh, I should have worked on my English portfolio thing last night. I have to be out the door tomorrow at 6:45 and currently have a migraine. My house is far from clean but organizing is feeling good!

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