A Wrench in the Works

I was all set to leave my baby overnight for the first time and head to Chicago next week. It was finally going to be my trial date for my size year old worker’s comp case. My lawyer had call Wednesday and confirmed it all and said he’d call again so we could go over what it would be like and what I’d need to know.

And then. And then. He called again Thursday with bad news. There is a big deal lawsuit between two parts of the Illinois government and all worker’s comp cases of all PAs paid through DHS have an injunction and can’t proceed. So, he will be before the judge as scheduled but there is no point in me being there before rhw judge legally can’t try the case.

It might be a few weeks or it might be a few months before the state resolves this. It might be in my favor or it might not. If it isn’t, then we will probably try to fight it on the grounds that I filed the claim six years ago. I have no idea how it will turn out


I had applied for a private student loan before knowing this was about to implode on me. I know that we need to get out of here and get settled in Portland sooner than later. I need the money to make that happen. Catch is, I don’t have verifiable income so I need a cosigner. My dad agreed this morning. I sent him the info he needs to do his part and I said I can explain my full plan. He doesn’t know about my RV plan but I really doubt he is going to care.

Wrench avoided.

This morning I checked my school email and found an email from my Statistics professor for this next semester. Classes start tomorrow. I already got my books and saved my TI-85 from the donate box by the door. Turns out my exams for that class have to be taken in person. That won’t work for moving mid semester.


I am going to see if my other two classes have in person or online exams. If they are online, I will try to get ahold of Portland Community College (they never called me back) and see if another class that meets that IBCLC requirement will be offered in the spring or summer. I can then get us moved and be able to take that class at the same time as my biology and anatomy classes. I am hoping this will all work. If I can’t take the classes I need there, then I will have to stick around here until the end of winter term and book it to Portland before spring starts. I still don’t know what I will do for childcare but he will be 3 by then and should qualify for head start. I didn’t have a plan for spring childcare here anyway.

Wheh. Can something just go as planned for once? I think the last thing that worked out nicely was getting pregnant on the first try with KD3. And I wasn’t expecting it to work right away!


Wallace and Ava pretend laughing their little hearts out when I told them about dogs wearing pants.

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2 Responses to A Wrench in the Works

  1. kayrosey says:

    Are you taking the summer off, or doing your a/p and bio then?
    I hope you get it worked out, but if you have to stay it’s just 8 weeks or so, that’s like nothing 🙂

  2. I have to get all the prerequisites done before the fall semester starts. I have Psych and sociology done. I am supposed to do nutrition, child psych, and stastitics now, then bio and a&p over spring and summer. The statistics is for the introduction to clinical research requirement. I would much rather take a different option for it but that’s the only thing at Mott that looks to match. It does not seem to be very applicable to my field. I’m concerned about trying to get enrolled at one school while still taking classes at another. And if I can get this RV and truck I want, I will have to sit here looking at it all semester!

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