Toddler Fashion

Wallace dressed himself today. Need I say more?


Well, he picked it out with much intention. He can put on his underpants, pants, and socks with minimal assistance. It took some bribing to get him to stop dancing so I could get a clear picture.

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11 Responses to Toddler Fashion

  1. I love seeing the outfits they pick out! I laugh a lot about Dylan’s because most of her outfits have a 90s lesbian feel.
    He is looking quite happy, cute and sweet!

  2. Hahaha at the 90s lesbian feel. I have been putting outfits together on hangers but he just outgrew some 18mo clothes and everything is a bit jumbled.

  3. Lindsay says:

    lol I did notice that! I dig her style.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Evelyn’s outfits are ones that I would very RARELY choose. But they are uniquely ‘her’ and because of that, I love them!

  5. Girl’s clothes is so much more colorful. I’m jealous.

  6. AndiePants says:

    He’s the cutest!! His hair is so fabulous.

  7. Thank you! I ask if he wants to cut it and he says no that he likes his wild hair.

  8. bumbismom says:

    Love! Absolutely adorable. I tried to let Bumbi pick out her clothes but she says no to everything in true nudist fashion.

  9. He was saying no for the sake of being obstinate. Then I matched up all his clothes on hangers and I pull one out and put it on him. Sometimes he will pick one and it will be fine. It ended the morning battles!

  10. Thanks. I know I’m a genius 😉

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