Trace Minerals: Take Two

After about three months of giving Wallace trace minerals daily, we took a week break. Well, it turned into two weeks but I wasn’t able to get the store when I had originally planned. Here’s the link to all the trace mineral posts.

I’m hoping to see another burst of growth and development. Though this isn’t going to cure him, it is giving him a significant boost. I was afraid that there could be regression during the break from minerals but he continued eating, sleeping, and pooping well.

Last night, I don’t recall waking up between 11:30 and 7:30, which has only happened a couple times before (and was honestly rare before I had a kid). It helped seeing as the three nights previous were constant wakings, teeth grindings, and congestion for Wallace.

I am using Now brand raspberry flavor again. It is easier to get in him than the very nasty tasting, super concentrated, Concentrace brand.


Doing yoga with his best friend.


A little walk in the cold.

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