That’s Wallace’s favorite color and his chosen theme for his birthday party. I would be skipping the party altogether but Wallace wants to do it and I like the excuse to see our friends and family. I’m going to request people not bring gifts since we will be downsizing and moving soon. I’ve got a few things for him and if anyone brings preaents then that’s cool too. He liked the idea of people wearing orange to his party and that could be fun!

I’ve got about a month to plan and I hate planning these things. I balked at the first birthday but did it anyway and he loved it. We are meeting up with my mom Friday before OT to go to Party City for invitations and seeing what there is. The hardest thing with planning these things is coming up with food that I can eat. I try to avoid food coloring and artificial flavors so that is going to be hard with this theme.

Orange plates
Orange cups
Water beads for kids to play with
Orange 3 candle
Banner and crown from first birthday
Goody bags/boxes

Orange flavored cupcakes
Mandarin orange cups
Carrots and dip
Sweet potato chips
Orange water?

Goody Bags
Orange scented gf playdough
Orange bubbles
Orange sucker

My mom just sent me this picture! We could have markers for people to draw goofy faces on their cups.


Then she sent me this text…


As much as I complain about my mother, she has a good sense of humor. When I was pregnant, she sent me a text that she was bored on spring break and that couldn’t I just have that baby already?

Have any great, easy, and not expensive Orange Party ideas?

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15 Responses to Orange

  1. I was thinking maybe orange infused water. I remember my friend has a cool glass drink dispenser and she offered to loan me anything like that I could use for the party.

  2. pepibebe says:

    Love the cups idea. Water with orange slices in it will look pretty & taste yum. You could also so slices of rock melon (cantaloupe?), isn’t American cheese orange lol, sushi with a carrot filling…

  3. Ooh cantaloupe and cheese! Yes we have lots of orange cheese, lol. I can’t eat it but a cheese and crackers plate would be good. American cheese slices are gross, but there is cheddar and colby jack.

    How are you? I miss your posts and really hope you are all doing well.

  4. The Garden of Eatin Chedder Cheese Puffs?
    Carter loves them when we are in the states.

    I am trying to think of orange things that I eat but mostly it’s curries and that isn’t good part food i suppose!

    Orange is a cute theme!

  5. I haven’t seen that brand before but I did write cheese crackers on my list last night. I’m trying to keep it all dairy and gluten free. Also no peanuts as one kid we are inviting has multiple food allergies. But he knows not to eat cheese.

  6. pepibebe says:

    We are good – Our boy is now 7mths old and delightful. Just started crawling & this week started pulling himself up to standing & is a complete lunatic with it. I foresee a lot of conked heads 😦 We’ve had major food issues lately as he’s been diagnosed with an unusual food intolerance called FPIES, so far to egg & oats, hopefully nothing else. But as we’d only just started him on solids when it happened it’s been tricky as we can only introduce one food at a time and never know if it will be one he reacts to or not. But otherwise, life is just full and busy and I’ve been slack not to blog!

  7. pepibebe says:

    Oh and I’d do melon balls on skewers with little segments of mandarin (satsuma) in between 🙂

  8. Oh no! That seems to be getting more common. I had a friend whose son had FPIES and have been hearing about it online more.

  9. pepibebe says:

    I think there has been a lack of diagnosis due to its similarity to really bad gastro and the fact that you can’t allergy test for it. Normally with allergies etc I’d believe that perhaps a modern diet (eg processed food, chemicals & hormones in food etc) may be what was causing an increase … But I know at least with our boy that prior to conception, throughout pregnancy & whilst breastfeeding I eat mainly unprocessed food, organic or at least spray free etc. the boy has ONLY had spray free / organic.

  10. I think there could be a GI disease and Autoimmune disease link as well as diet and maybe hygiene hypothesis. The friend’s partner has Crohn’s and their older daughter has a few food allergies, possibly celiac. Do you have a knowledgeable doctor for it? It seems parents here travel far to see a few doctors who understand it. My friend’s son was on a broken down formula for a long time. She had been breastfeeding and he had signs of allergies, like blood in his poop. Then she tried donor milk, homemade goats milk formula, and on and on. So hard. Have you been able to breastfeed? Even if you aren’t blogging, are you continuing to write?

  11. He requested orange flavored cupcakes!

  12. Darlene D. says:

    Best theme ever. Just this past week I saw Crayola selling packs of crayons, colored pencils, and markers in single shades. Like ten blues or ten reds but different writing thingys. I wondered who would want such a thing. I bet your son would love the orange pack.

  13. Ooh crayons would be fun in the goody bags!

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