My baby is three today! I’m excited but he says “I don’t want to be three.” I think he’s not used to me being excited like this. A few days ago I told him he would get presents and he asked for the Christmas tree and Christmas music. Haha! This morning I explained to him about how it is a day to celebrate when he was born and that I wasn’t a momma until he was born.

We started with presents from Grandpa (bubbles and velcro catching game) and then me (orange Star Wars shirt, bear keychain from my school, Thomas matching game, foam animals and numbers for the bath, a number matching puzzle, a craft project doll house, and a scooter).



Then pancakes and strawberries.


Next was a bath so he could get clean play with his foam numbers and animals.

Then we got dressed, worked on painting the dollhouse and people, played bubbles and catch outside, and started his annual W and age shirt.

After lunch, we went for birthday ice cream! He was tired and wanted to ride in the stroller.

We finished up the shirts, listened to music, and worked on the orange goody bags for the party. Then I remembered I needed to get to the bank to deposit checks. He decided he wanted to ride his scooter there. He did amazingly well but was exhausted halfway back.

We made the orange play dough for the goody bags and then I made fried rice for dinner. We had it as a picnic on a blanket on my bedroom floor while listening to music. It was just like the good old days in Chicago when we didn’t have room for a table!

He really wore himself out today but I think it was a good third birthday. We read We’re Going On A Bear Hunt and then he fell asleep within four minutes. That’s record time. Tomorrow, we have lots of cleaning and some party prep to get done.

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7 Responses to Three

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wallace made out like a bandit for his b’day gifts. Happy birthday, Wallace!

  2. He did! I had been squirreling things away for a while and found some amazing deals.

  3. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday, Wallace! Hope you guys have a great day!

  4. Happy birthday to Wallace! Cracked up at the pic of him in the tub!

  5. Thanks! I should add one with his humidity ringlets.

  6. Happy birthday Wallace! It seems like only yesterday, I was following your birth thread!

  7. It goes tooooooo fast…. Happy birthday!

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