Plan Change #324

I’m sure I’d be close to that if I had been keeping track. It turns out I can’t find a truck in my price range that will meet my needs and be reliable for the long trip. I need to sell the 5th wheel and hopefully get back at least what I paid for it (though not the taxes, registration, and towing).

I am back to looking into older motorhomes that have been well maintained. I was supposed to see what earlier this week but the seller didn’t tell me he had someone coming at the same time. He didn’t respond to my texts until I was nearly home and he said it sold. Jerk.

These are the times I really wish I had someone to hash things out with. I posted my options in two groups I am in of single parents (one for the queer variety and one for the rv living type) and got lots of really constructive feedback. Here’s the gist of the options as they stand:

1) Keep the 5th wheel, fix it up, and miraculously stumble across a reliable truck with a hitch already installed for $2,500.

2) Keep the 5th wheel, fix it up, and pay someone to tow or ship it to Oregon while Wallace, Nina, and I fly there.

3) Sell the 5th wheel and find an alternate way there such as renting a car or truck, driving a vehicle for someone who needs it transported, or flying with very minimal things plus some things shipped and hope we find someplace to stay while finding an RV to buy in my price range.

4) Sell the 5th wheel and buy a motorhome to drive there.

5) Sell the 5th wheel, buy a car, cram what we can into it, and make the trek to Oregon. Give up on living in an RV and find an apartment or cohousing or something.

I’m clearly leaning toward option 4. I was really looking forward to the road trip, visiting friends, and living in an RV. I can source for products to sell on Amazon and we can take our sweet time, allowing for repairs if needed. I have some buyers remorse on the 5th wheel because I didn’t calculate expenses well and feel like I settled when I found it. I have to just brush myself off and keep going.

Meanwhile, Wallace is an adorable maniac, my hair is getting long, I’m not putting much effort into my classes, I still hate my dad, my mom is still being oddly kind, my stomach flips when I imagine Trump could win the nomination, and I am in a ton of pain with no further help from the doctor.




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