Sitting Here

The title sums it up. I’m in a holding pattern, just sitting here.

School: I am trying to finish up my online class and have one more to do. I am on the list for prospective students for PSU in the fall but haven’t started the official transfer process. I haven’t even done the buy back for my text books yet.

Wallace: He is doing fantastic and still jumping off of everything. He is so social now 80% of the time and loves making up words and songs. He got measured for new tims (orthotics) yesterday after the physiatrist appointment where I was told he doesn’t really need them anymore. Clearly I disagree and the orthotist pointed out multiple ways they will still help him. He is trying new foods with me, sleeping pretty well, and mastering new skills. I love how he lights up a room and people just adore him. I like to think he gets that from me 😉 We were at Target yesterday and I splurged on a set of Jungle Book figurines for him. He loves the books and tapes I have of it and someday I will let him watch the whole movie. He is an odd mix of sensitive and sweet while trying to hurt or upset people. I haven’t figured out what to do with that yet. He doesn’t do well with change and misses people fiercely. He is really observant and makes connections. Oh, and he has a pretend friend now. It’s a talking walking stick and it comes up with all kinds of things like cookies grow on trees.



Work: Last week, I started picking up the kids of a friend of Missy and will be doing it again next week. There’s two more weeks with Ava. Retail arbitrage is picking up and once I am done with work I can actually focus on making it my main income.

Move: It might be delayed but I am ready to buy the motorhome I checked out a few weeks ago. I have to pick up a speedometer part and take it with for the seller to fix. I still need to sell the 5th wheel before I can move. It will feel real as soon as I have the motorhome. Then it will be hustle time.


AIP: If I stick to the diet multiple days in a row, then I feel less horrible. If I eat spicy corn chips, my face swells and I feel like shit. My go to meals so far:


Breakfast stie fry of cabbage, carrot, raddish, and bacon.


Sauted zucchini and carrot noodles with chicken, garlic, and basil.


Salad with avocado or canned salmon.

Not pictured, sweet potatoes with meat. I also made a beef stew and a safe taco meat. I eat the taco meat on greens with crunched up sweet potato chips.

I think the claritin stuff is kicking in and decreasing my giany eyelids. I should go put things away and rewash my lunch box that got puked on Tuesday then get cracking on school.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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