MicroBlog Monday: Dresses

Wallace loves playing dress up at his friends’ houses. At home, he’s not much interested in it but there was one big difference: dresses.

Why didn’t we have some already? Mostly because I have a hard time justifying $30 on chintsy, cheaply made costumes that support the Disney empire. I haven’t gotten around to making some despite looking up patterns and Wallace has a ton of toys we already have to downsize. So, I did what all parents do and asked a friend if she had any hand me downs.

We stopped by there today for other reasons and, after a little bit of emotions, my friends’ nearly 4 year old figured out which too small dresses she was ready to part with. Wallace was so excited and clutched them to him while I carried him to the car.


He got one on as soon as we got home and only took it off in order to pick a different one at work. I need to do a little mending on a few of them but it is so very worth my child being happy and using his imagination. I also think he would like a few skirts, so hopefully I can make one soon.

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5 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Dresses

  1. Darwin and her buddies are obsessed with dress up, the fluffier and sparklier the better! All of ours are hand me downs too 🙂

  2. The prettier the better over here! I don’t think he will be into this for long term but it’s the perfect time to let him explore.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m so sad most of my older daughter’s dress up stuff is still in storage, and my younger daughter can’t play with it! Caitlin and Jack used to love playing dress up, and I never knew who was going to be prettier when they came out to show me!

  4. Mel says:

    Smart idea to ask a friend for hand-me-downs. Dress up was always a big hit here.

  5. He has been wearing them daily since! Not all day and so far still over his clothes. I think he loves how they feel and thinks they are pretry.

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