Wallace had his last physical therapy today. He was evaluated and met all of his goals. I was going to see if we could get a few weeks of OT in but the next evaluation date is a month away and I hope to be gone by then. He still has hypotonia without a diagnosed cause. He isn’t cured, which I wasn’t expecting, despite the trace minerals and the therapies.


Last summer with his super weak core.

He has learned a lot in PT and OT here and the therapists have been great. He likes to color and pretend to write and his grip has improved dramatically. He can now go up stairs alternating feet and holding onto the railing. He jumps up and off all the time (though I credit Ava and the minerals for this). His balance, kicking, core strength, and upper body strength have all increased. It’s been amazing to witness.


Last year at Wheatland (I can't remember if this is spring or fall).

We have been given things to keep working on, new tims (orthotics) are on their way, and there’s always so much play to be had. We are starting trace minerals again after another break, but forgot them at my mom’s last weekend. Today, he scootered to the park, played, and walked his own tired butt home.


Always people watching.

It feels right to be done with therapies for now but I will be getting him evaluated when we get to Portland. We will be starting over again with all new doctors and maybe someone will help us find a diagnosis (for him and me).


Nothing holds him back.

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