Curtains & Arbitrage

I meant to get the kitchen and dinette curtains done yesterday but I instead went yet again to get the squeaky wheel on my (mom’s) car looked at. I had a tie rod done a while ago and then the squeaking started and kept getting worse. I went back and they said a vacuum plate had been bumped and they put it back in place. Squeaking started again so I went back again. They jacked it up and took the wheel off and insisted they fixed it this time. Still squeaking. My mom was getting concerned, so instead of curtains and chiropractor, we went back to the car shop. Oh and now it also sounded like squeaking brakes while backing down the driveway. Another guy worked on it this time and found a little metal piece that had been bent wrong and was rubbing on the rotor. The squeaking is 90% gone now!

His first and likely only Capri Sun, free from the car shop.

It took us so long to leave the house in the first place because Wallace wouldn’t eat his breakfast or stop saying poop every other word. When we got done with the car we headed home to eat lunch, which he took a few bites of and refused to eat. Oh well, I packed it up and told him when he was hungry after shopping that he could eat it. He fell asleep within minutes of being in the car.

Yep, I’ve finally let him forward face.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to bring a book so I wouldn’t waste all my phone battery. I’m reading Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters and have mixed feelings about it. Anyway, it was really hot and I couldn’t keep the car running for an hour so I cut his nap short when we both started sweating. His clothes were wet from the water bottle so I guess I should figure out how to put the cup holder on that seat.

We went into Kmart and I attempted to source for Amazon. (I really can’t remember how much I have talked about that here.) I found two fitness trackers and two monopoly games that should make me some money. I was hoping for a huge clearance section but that didn’t happen. We then went to Walmart because I needed a few things Kmart didn’t have. I also found a little Avengers puzzle for Wallace for 50 cents. When we got it home we learned that all the interior pieces are exactly the same shape! Who does that?

It was after 8 when we finally made it home so I cooked a quick dinner and called it a night. I didn’t get anything done on the curtains. Oh well.

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2 Responses to Curtains & Arbitrage

  1. Sarah says:

    My daughter would love that dinosaur mask! I continue to be impressed by all that you’re taking on (and kicking ass with!) with the RV!

  2. I need to go apply WD-40 today… that stuff isn’t made for chemically sensitive people.

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