Thursday, I ate tacos at the Farmer’s Market and knew I could end up with a reaction to the corn, rice, beans, and nightshades. I am still sick from it (nausea and so much more) and starting to doubt that was the cause of this. Yesterday, I felt quite a bit better but today was back to barely functioning. I’m concerned it’s food poisoning, though that shouldn’t come and go, or stress. So. Much. Stress.

I found out my Grandma (dad’s step mom who has always been my grandma) likely has less than 6 months. She has nodes in her lungs that are growing and something going on in GI tract that she failed to get a PET scan for over the last two months. She’s been on oxygen and steroids for a while now. Her mother, Grandma Shaw, was told she had 6 months and then lived another relatively happy and able 10 more years. So, we’ll see, but she’s not well.

My Gramma (mom’s mom who lived in Florida all of my life) is 92 and has had dementia for a few years now. She has been at a nursing home for people with memory problems for a few years now and just took a turn for the worse. When I last saw her on Easter, she could barely put a sentence together then she was unable to get up or feed herself. She got a little better but I’m not sure how long she will be holding out. It’s been really sad watching her deteriorate because she was always so spunky and fiesty and quick witted, but I know she has had a long, full life and lived it exactly how she wanted to the last 30 years.

I thought writing might help my stress but the stomach pain and nausea are worse now, ugh. I’d make a doctor’s appointment but I really don’t think she would actually help me.

I felt good enough yesterday to finish up two pairs of curtains and get them up in the camper. I also managed to take Wallace to the park and I made lunch. Today was not nearly as successful. I made dinner, read to him, and washed some dishes. I should probably go to bed and see if sleep will help.

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4 Responses to Stress

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s so painful to see loved ones suffering. I’m sorry that’s adding to the stress you’re dealing with already. We had a weird thing go thru our house, and we’re still not sure if it was food poisoning or a virus. Sticking to diets that work for our bodies is hard – it always feels so unfair that even one standard meal can throw one off for days! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. The way it has come and gone doesn’t match up with any illness or food poisoning, you know?

  3. Sarah says:

    I do know – that was part of our confusion. Or seemed to move through the family like a virus, but it would intensify for each of us after a meal. For us, I wonder if it wasn’t the culmination of an extra long trip from home, and just too much stuff we shouldn’t have eaten, vs either one particular meal or an infection of any kind. But it sounds like you were doing OK until the tacos? I hope you’re feeling better now!

  4. Feeling better now! I started feeling bad after breakfast the next day. I have had some gluten reactions hit me again after I eat a heavy meal but I always have a reaction first. I still have no idea what it was. Oh well.

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