Holding Pattern

We are settled in at my mom’s until we can head to Portland. I have been back to my dad’s twice to work on things, but still have a mattress, my bikes and bike trailer, and the motorhome there. Oh, and the two pallets of stuff in the basement. I would prefer to have nothing to do with my dad ever again but I have no place else to store those things. That is how toxic he has become and how badly things went on the day we left. I would say moved out, but it was more like we fled.

I am still diligently trying to sell the 5th wheel. I tried Ebay twice, multiple Craigslist posts, and it is posted in 13 Facebook groups. I called a couple RV sales places and it’s too old for them to consider buying. Clearly this wasn’t the best decision on my part and I have learned my lesson and need it off my plate.

We can’t leave until it sells. I need the money from it in order to start on our way. I feel so stuck and don’t know what else to do. I won’t be starting the LC program at PSU this fall because I don’t have the last prerequisite done. I also can’t guarantee we will be there in time for the start of fall semester. I am working on admissions things for PSU but also considering I might need to do classes here at MCC. I don’t want to ignore the reality that things haven’t gone as planned but also don’t want to put my energy into a plan that keeps us here for the time being.
*The 5th wheel will sell. The motorhome will be in great working order. Things will fall into place. We will make it to Portland and get settled in before winter.*

I’m trying to keep things normal for Wallace but he was a bit traumatized by our last day at my dad’s. We went to Ikea and he insisted on going in the play area. He didn’t quite get that we weren’t staying with him and started crying 15 minutes in. After I raced back to get him, he clung to me until we got to the car. The pool at my mom’s is closed because the hot tub is broken (not sure why both have to be closed). It’s been too hot to really play outside otherwise.

We have been watching the Olympics and crocheting in the evening after we go for a walk. We have gone to my mom’s school twice. Last weekend, I went to temple (Korean Buddhist one I went to in high school) and Wallace went to the nursery at my mom’s church. I haven’t been feeling well in a week because I ate some non AIP foods so I decided not to go again this week. Wallace wanted to go to the nursery again today so I am alone in the apartment reading and writing.

Next, I will work on creating a spreadsheet of all my sales and inventory on Amazon. I have no money and no way to make more money at the moment. I had sent a shipment to Amazon and they lost my box for three weeks. I wasn’t allowed to open an investigation and they “found” it shortly before I could have. There were 8 of a fast moving, high profit, summer item that is now down in price a bit and not selling as fast. There were also 2 of a game that is now selling for half the price. Overall, I’m not pleased. I have had some sales of the summer item as well as some books so I will have a paycheck in a week but it will all need to go to bills. I don’t know what else to do.

I need to get better pictures of my sewing taken and start an Etsy page. I started one on Instagram but am a bit intimidated by the idea of a selling platform and my pictures aren’t as nice as I would like. I am open to suggestions and advice on this area. Maybe I will start with sewing and save computer work for later today.


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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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7 Responses to Holding Pattern

  1. kayrosey says:

    Can you get Wallace enrolled in head start so you can get a job and not have all the money go to daycare?

  2. That is the plan for Portland but it doesn’t make sense to try to get a job (out of the house) and get him into head start here when things could line up to move anytime.

  3. And the job market here sucks.

  4. Ugh. I’m so sorry you’re stuck. Email me if you want a backup/safe haven plan for Oregon. We’re about two hours south of PDX and have a driveway you can be in for awhile if you get out here and get stuck. I don’t know if it’s helpful, but I always feel better when I know there’s a contingency plan.

  5. Thank you! That is a very good back up plan for that part. I have a driveway ready to reny but was just worrying some what ifs about that.

  6. Shell B. says:

    Hi, I was reading you story. I know it’s not much, but I read the part about your pictures not looking as good as you’d want them to… I figure this could help a little (hopefully). Always use a clean background – a white wall is perfect. Hang the clothes from hangers on that wall. When posting them, always increase the saturation in 10 or 15. It makes stuff look a lot brighter and more professional…
    I wish you every best. ❤

  7. Thanks! I bought a foam board that is white one side and dark blue on the other. I only have two phone cameras to work with and making lighting work is hard. I downloaded a free image editing program but haven’t a clue how to use it.

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