As a single parent, self care is hard! I usually put Wallace’s needs first and only have so much energy and time. I’m trying to make a point to take care of myself and my health so that I cam enjoy these moments and days.

The Autoimmune Protocol is proving helpful and time consuming. I am sticking to it as best I can and not being hard on myself about it. The first reaction from people is either “well *I* couldn’t do that!” or “what *can* you eat?” Frankly, I couldn’t keep living the way I was feeling and was only getting worse. Dastric measures are often a good thing. As for what I can eat, “meat, fruit, and vegetablea minus nightshades” is my tylical response. I make some amazing meals and like eating them though I struggle with breakfast and have lost a few pounds. I crave things I know I react to, test myself with things I don’t, and generally appreciate that I can stand up every morning and have fewer migraines.

In the name of Take Care of Myself month, we took a trip to the local health food store. I bought Niacin, iron, and more zinc. I also take probiotocs, magnesium, and methylated folate. I bought a paleo chocolate (not AIP) and a treat for Wallace. I also got Wallace more trace minerals and will figure out how to get some iron in him as his RBC was low. Ooh, and I need to order some Chinese herbs for my liver as I have run oit and my anger has been flairing.

Yesterday, I had a migraine and today it was coming back from neck pain. It is thankfully gone but I need to focus on doing at least my minimal yoga as well as watching my posture. Carving out these minutes are hard but at least I got a lot of school reading done while Wallace had a car nap today.

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