Live Wire

That’s what a man in the waiting room at OT said today about Wallace after 30 seconds of observation. And it’s true. He is a live wire; wild, loud, rambunctious. This has increased lately as it seems he needs more sleep than he is getting, possibly related to the time change, definitely related to refusing naps again. In order to keep himself awake, he is constantly moving and making noise (I’d say talking, but often it is screeching). I haven’t figured out how to get him the sleep he needs, so I’m open to ideas.

Other words to describe my child are caring, sweet, creative, funny, inquisitive, cautious, goofy, loving, thoughtful, helpful, sensitive, and he remembers everything. His memory is freakishly accurate at times and I can ask him about something that happened months ago, what color something was a week later, or where I put something. I love it when he is helpful by choice and he’s been doling out the hugs and “I love you’s” a lot. He is currently brushing my hair and being so gentle while “finding my part.”

I’m trying to remember to look right at him when he talks, hold his hand for more than safety, and be more appreciative and complimentary. He is such an amazing little person and I’m afraid that my imperfections and short temper will harm him when even a stern voice can bring on tears. I hope he keeps on forgiving me as I learn to be his momma.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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