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I got a call while cooking dinner tonight that the position I thought would be a good fit needs someone with “water systems” experience. So yeh, not me! I need to look over the openings in Colorado and Utah and see what ones have enough hours and no special requirements while not being in inaccessible mountains. I’m quite terrified of steep grades and drop offs as my RV driving experience is really limited. I was hoping to stay a little closer to the Midwest but I love Colorado and that’s halfway to Oregon so I’m not going to turn it down if it’s the right job.

I’m really liking the idea of camp hosting at a rural campground. The RV park listings were turning me off to the idea for a lot of reasons and also don’t usually pay a wage. The company I am in contact with includes your lot, any amenities they have (sewer, electric, water, or not!), and the state’s hourly wage for a certain number of hours. The gist of the job is to greet campers, do a little paperwork, rake fire pits, clean bathrooms, and a few other things as needed. All while living in a gorgeous forest and hanging out with my kid!

I keep wondering if a motorhome was the right choice, especially considering being in a rural area and having it as my only vehicle. It feels like home to Wallace and me already even though we have never spent a night in it. I know it will be an adjustment and there will be things we don’t like, but for now I am looking forward to likely hitting the road in April.


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