Language Explosion

Wallace is 3 years and 9 months old tomorrow. He speaks really well and talks a lot while maintaining some missing sounds typical for his age. He has some mispronunciations that are adorable, such as “nuffin” and “neminem.” He likes to make up words, like “coachers” instead of conductors but adds new words to his vocabulary daily. He mislabels some things like he keeps calling the retaining pond a river, but there’s a river across from my dad’s house so it’s an understandable mistake. And sometimes opposites trip him up like saying the “river” has melted when he means the pond is frozen. I think that is because the words just can’t get out fast enough for his brain.

Reading liner notes while listening to Andrew Bird.

He’s just hit a language growth spurt and is talking non-stop! He is really interested in identify letters as well as the sounds that go with them. Every level of language acquisition has been amazing to witness but phonics and early reading skills are really exciting. In October, he decided to try to make letters for a word in a book title out of pipe cleaners. When I realized what he was doing, I helped him and we spelled it out. Over the next week, he spelled it out on the ground multiple times without looking at the book.

I’m Brave!

He is always so animated and gesticulates when he talks. His head wobbles back and forth and he moves his arms and shoulders around. He likes to speculate and explain the way the world works, sometimes accurately, sometimes hilariously (“raccoon is made from chicken”). He is getting more into pretend play, developing personalities and plots for his toys. I felt he was a little behind in this area but seems to be coming along at his own pace. This might be because he is very literal and rigid with things. Either way, he has fun and his imagination is working overtime these days.

Plays trains, builds trains, rides trains, and watches trains out the window.

In other news, he just added 3 and 2!


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