MicroBlog Monday: Biscuits

I follow a few Autoimmune Protocol accounts on Instagram and get inspired to try recipes they share. Last week, someone posted some biscuits and since AIP is grain free, I miss these types of starch heavy foods (and I need them to maintain my weight). Wallace also loves all things carbs so I hunted down the recipe to give it a try. I used canned pumkin in my first try and pumkin and sweet potato in my second. I used a glass to cut them out but grabbed a cookie cutter and did some hearts today.

They taste pretty good and are crispy and just right on the outside. The Inside is a little gooey but not in a bad way. I’m hoping I can try some other root vegetables next, but I don’t think I can have yucca because it is a gluten cross reactor. Either way, these go great with all the soup and stew I’ve been making or just warmed up with some raw honey.

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11 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Biscuits

  1. Yum! I wonder if Darwin would eat these….going to give it a try.

  2. How old is she now? I don’t see why not! Lots of starches but some good things in the root vegetables and lard.

  3. She’s just over two – and anything that isn’t 100% carb or cheese is a step in the right direction.

  4. Oh goodness. Yes food ruts are hard to get out of at this age. Does she like chicken? Look up chicken poppers. It’s ground chicken and shredded zucchini. Wallace is dairy, egg, and gluten free. I am working on grain and sugar free but living with my mom makes that hard. I noticed a dorect correlation between his carbs/grains increasing and his vegetables decreasing.

  5. She’s pretty much a self-imposed vegetarian at the moment. She does well with beans and loves tofu, and just started eating eggs. I should try chicken again, that’s a great idea!

  6. And smoothies! Sneal vegetables in like spinach, yellow squash, and carrots.

  7. Oh good idea! We haven’t done smoothies in a while. She used to like them so so, then stopped all together. The time is now though, because she’s more open to eating new things since I’m reducing her nursing to 4 times a day.

  8. I run an extended breastfeeding and gentle weaning group if that is something you would find support it. Other parenting topics are welcome as well.

  9. Mel says:

    Ooooh, I want to try these. My friend’s child is gluten-free and they’ll be visiting soon. I’m assuming I could use Crisco to keep them vegan?

  10. I think crisco or palm shortening would be just fine! I melt the oil before mixing it in.

  11. Thanks so much for trying out my recipe! I love these biscuits ❤

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