When I woke up yesterday morning, the day after my classes were done, I felt a huge lifting of stress. I have a new layer of stress though with being in pain (I don’t know what I ate!), trying to plan food for the next few days, a houseful of baking I can’t eat, and the impending holiday gatherings I would rather skip. Oh well, I decided I will have as much fun as I can and live through my child.

We made AIP gingerbread cookies yesterday. I did my best to have Wallace help but it was a new recipe and the dough was really hard to work with.

We have been reading Christmas books since the tree went up and Wallace has Twas The Night Before Christmas pretty much memorized. It is super cute and, as a former performance poet, I love that he is memorizing poetry.

A few weeks ago I made Wallace a fleece Santa hat for the heck of it. I prefer to keep Santa as a fun make believe in books and stories and do not tell him he is real or give presents from him. So, of course Wallace is obsessed. I decided to make a detachable beard for his hat and it’s super cute.

While Wallace helped my mom make pies, I braved Walmart to get some last minute things. It was busy but everyone was pretty kind and considerate. I helped a woman find the last two Skittles filled candy canes and I didn’t run into anyone on accident with my cart. (Seriously, carts keep getting bigger, but I haven’t grown since 1999.) After we ate dinner, I made a water bottle filled toy for my neighbors puppy. Hudson and Wallace adore each other and are slowly learning to not knock over and run away from, respectively.

I’m exhausted and hope to go to bed after I finish wrapping presents. I have next to no income so I bought Wallace a few things, my mom a pair of cotton knit pajamas, and Wallace picked out an ornament for my mom and my step sister. For the first time in my life my mom did not ask me for a Christmas list. Usually, I scramble and put together a list of things I need like a space heater (2008), tennis shoes (2015), and slippers (2013), to name a few, and she buys from the list. I’m really curious what she has come up with and am impressed she has managed to convince Wallace not to tell me (he told her about the pajamas already).

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2 Responses to Festive

  1. kayrosey says:

    I’m always impressed with your sewing creations!

  2. Thank you! We finally got to give it to the neighbor dog and he loved it. I also got to see my second cousin in the mermaid blanket and she was all about it and so cute.

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