Not a Summary

I don’t feel like summarizing Christmas and I don’t have many pictures to share because my kid won’t let me take any. I do have a video of him reciting ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas with just a little prompting from my mom.

I don’t want to leave this space waiting too long as I was enjoying writing everyday. We made it through Christmas though I had a string of migraines and was hit with intense fatigue and deep pain. It was easy to forget how much I used to hurt; AIP is working. I started my period Christmas Eve and had 4 out of 5 days with migraines and am just getting back to functioning. Meanwhile, my ear is not healing well, but no one wants to see a picture of that.

I think I want some guided meditation to listen to. Any suggestions? I liked this TED talk the other night, but maybe it’s mostly that her rhythm of speaking is comforting to me. It’s classic zen talk – wondering if they fell asleep mid-sentence. I also liked the visualization.

A couple days ago, we went to Walmart for a 5 gallon gas can, filled it up with Premium, and headed to the camper. I used 25ft and 10ft of jumper cables to give a boost to the starting battery. I added gas to the tank, which I managed to douse myself in and still haven’t gotten the stink out of my clothes (coffee grounds for skin). I then put some gas in the carb and after a false start, got it running. By this time, we both had to pee and Wallace was freezing. I got him into the warm running car while I unhooked the jumper cables, put things away, and got all the things on my list. Then I turned off the engine, with a couple bangs, and hooked up the solar trickle charger. I felt accomplished and I’m getting the hang of trouble shooting things with less help from my buddy, Donald (via facebook chat).

The baby envy is still running high. I miss the sweet baby days of Christmas past when he readily smiled for the camera.

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4 Responses to Not a Summary

  1. Re guided mediation. I downloaded an app called Insight Timer from apples App Store on my phone. It is a free app and it is amazing. Over 3,500 guided meditations to choose from – several topics, lengths, languages….If you can access it, give it a try

  2. Looks like I can get it! Will download and take a look. Thanks!

  3. pepibebe says:

    Super cute photos – both of them!

  4. Thank you! I managed to get a few cute ones of him today. This not letting me take his picture thing is not cool.

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