Little Gymnast

Wallace is a ball of energy all the time. He will race around the house, roll down hills, ride his bike around the apartment complex (oh how I miss the sun), and otherwise constantly move while eating, talking, and playing. When we watched some of the Olympics in the summer, he was very interested and started trying to do things they did. He even sprained his finger trying to do handstands. I am glad to say that he gets all this from me!

A month ago, I looked up gymnastics classes as story time was ending and preschool still hasn’t happened. I found one in our town that is $30 for a class a week for a month. We went and watched one class and he loved it! We got books from the library and talked about the class we watched. I prepared him a lot as he is a bit timid in new places and with new people.

Well, I had no need to worry as this morning he was a ball of energy and full of enthusiasm. He did everything they asked except say his name. He cheered on his new friends and waited his turn. It was adorable and he was in heaven. He was ready to stay the next class. As we were paying, the lead instructor asked his birthday and said he will be ready to move up to the next class soon. I jokingly asked if it was because he was wild and all over the place. She said it’s because he really understands and gets it. Yay! (He was the biggest and likely the oldest in the class, and the only boy, but it didn’t phase him.)

He asked for a leotard a couple nights ago so I’m going to keep my eyes open for one but don’t want to spend $20 on something he doesn’t actually need. I think we both can’t wait for next week.

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