My Colorful Child

To say Wallace has a colorful personality is an understatement. He is quite the character. My mom has been calling him a nutbrain since the summer and he has decided he’s a banana. This morning, he started calling me “Jennie” for no apparent reason. He also came out mostly dressed in this ensemble, and by mostly I mean he had the vest on backwards with no shirt underneath.

The vest was mine from about 1990 and the pants I just upcycled for him. We designed a monster hat together and this is what he came up with. It suits him perfectly despite be not being able to make three eyes on it like he requested.

He has really gotten the hang of make believe and tells stories all the time. He recently started saying “have you heard this before…” to preface something he needs to say. I have no idea where he got that from. When playing on his own, he will narrate what is going on as if it were in a book such as “the track is broken, says Thomas.” It’s hard not to crack up. Today, we found a beautiful rabbit puppet at the thrift store and he loved it immediately. On the way out, he told me that his name is Peter Rabbit and he is blind (my mom is a VI teacher) because he had his see-glasses (as opposed to sunglasses) on and looked at the sun. He told me he gave him one medicine but it didn’t work. Also, he turns five in March and is a daddy bunny.

His favorite colors are orange, yellow, and pink. He loves dress up clothes, anything sparkly, and anything loud. He is all big energy and wild movements. Running, jumping, spinning, swinging, dancing, and often falling.

He also loves being naked, playing with his penis, and pretending to pee on things. He will run around yelling “I got a shock in my penis!” I have no idea…

He’s gotten impresively good at fine motor things and loves playing board games (we have a few great ones if anyone wants recommendations). He got a lot of toys with little pieces for Christmas and he has mastered them. He also likes combining things and has gotten over some of his rigid rules of like only with like.

The least expected change is that he is sometimes choosing to interact with people he doesn’t know. He has always had issues with strangers, and pretty much anyone but me for the first year, so this is big. At the grocery store last week, he flat out responded twice to a chatty stranger. He corrected someone who misgendered him once. I did a bathroom run tradeoff with a mom at OT and he hung out with her without an issue.

I can’t believe he’s almost four. That seems like such a big number for my tiny baby. He’s just getting into 3T clothes but is about the size I was at 5. I think his big personality will make up for his height, just like his momma.


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One Response to My Colorful Child

  1. I am officially obsessed with Wallace! What a truly magical, crysta being he is!

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