Bam! And Bullets

My mom sent me a text that she forgot her glasses, so I got us ready to get out the door. As I was clearing off the snow and letting the car run, I went quickly around the back of it and instantly landed on my ass/hip. My first reaction after “holy shit!” was to call Wallace to me. Thankfully he didn’t hear me as he was on the opposite side of the car staying on the sidewalk.

Needless to say, I hurt. Bad. The drive to my mom’s school was excruciating but I prevented my mom from getting a migraine and Wallace got to play with the kids and pretend he goes to school. The kids really liked it when we visited last, and any distractions are a bonus. (My mom teaches a mixed age/ability class for kids who are visually impaired. Sometimes it’s hilarious and usually Wallace doesn’t get that they can’t see.)

As we walked out the door to head home, I turned back to ask which door I could use to exit. Then I overheard them talking about me. Lovely.~ After we ate lunch, I made a rice pack for my ass and proceeded to wallow in pain a little, which isn’t much considering Wallace, who proceeded to have worse and worse behavior as the day went on. It doesn’t seem like I need an x ray but I’m thinking I need to see a chiroperctor sooner than later.

Some Bullet Points

  • When talking to Wallace about finding a new haircut, he found this, which is not the direction I was thinking of going.

  • My Amazon sales are amazing but not enough to get on the road yet. It appears we are in a slump for book sales right now so I’m trying to get more product in, reprice regularly, and look into a repricing program. I think I want to do amazon sourcing full time for a week then head to a homebase campground and hang out and ship for a week. We will see.
  • Wallace likes chocolate pudding made with avocado and I can generally get one good serving of vegetables in him a day.
  • I need new pajama pants.
  • I had really solid sleep last night where I woke up only once and then Wallace woke up after 7. I think it is thanks to a guided sleep meditation and Head Ease.
  • In a couple days, Wallace will officially be 47 months! (I’m looking at you, LRC…)

I’m tired and feel mildly whiplashed, so it’s time to eat a second dinner, get my rice pack on my butt, and go to bed.

About JennP

Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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2 Responses to Bam! And Bullets

  1. Lindsay says:

    lol @ the 47 month old…happy (almost) birthday, Wallace!

    I’m sorry about your fall – that sounds really painful. I hope you can get seen some time soon, you don’t want it to get worse or cause you even more problems down the road.

  2. I feel a bit better today!

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