This morning, my baby found his toes!

I’m sure he has done this before but it reminded me of all the pictures of little chubby babies with their toes in their mouths. Wallace never did that. I didn’t realize he missed that milestone at the time because I was busy worrying about his weight and his lack of holding his head up, rolling, and sitting.

He was just discharged from OT again, but he still has hypotonia. He has a weak core, arms, and hands and his knees and feet hyperextend. It’s not going to go away, despite the huge gains he made with trace minerals, and he will always have the effects of this. There’s a chance he will have more injuries than other kids and will likely have to work hard to gain any sort of muscle mass or tone. He fatigues easier than other kids, too.

It’s his sheer determination and enthusiasm that has gotten him walking, jumping, and learning hand stands. I’m hoping his love for movement continues to drive him and maybe one day we will have an answer as to what has caused his hypotonia.

Christmas 2014, shortly after learning to walk and before his first pair of orthotics.

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