My personal view of current preschool options is not positive. I don’t think that preschool is necessary and beneficial for kids, especially when it is structured and not play based. I understand that for families with parent/s working outside the home some kind of daycare or preschool is essential. I understand that it can be a good thing academnically and emotionally, especially for children whose parents don’t provide enriching play and life experiences. I also understand the various views of socialization, though anytime my kid hangs out with other kids his age he picks up lovely things like yelling poop at people or believing all princesses are trapped in towers. Preschool would just be more of that.

Despite these strong feelings against preschool, I attempted to sign Wallace up for Head Start in August when I realized we would be sticking around here. I would need to take online classes and work on growing my Amazon business and thought it would be a good thing for both of us if he got some time in preschool. I jumped through all the hoops, filled out all the paperwork, and then hounded the doctor’s office for five weeks before they bothered to fax the barely legible physical form to the Head Start office. Needless to say, there were no spots available and the woman I had to work with was incompetent.

I pretty much gave up hope it would happen and let the subject drop a bit with Wallace. In December, I got a call that there would be an opening in January. I called, left messages, and waited for an update. A week ago, I got a call from a woman filling in for the other one saying there are two open spots and asking if we want one. I was torn as to wether this would be the right thing for Wallace at this time. I also found out that because Wallace does not eat gluten (I have celiac), eggs (diarrhea and cradle cap), or dairy (eczema) he would need a form filled out by his doctor in order to be able to be given alternative foods. And no, I can’t send my own.

Why did no one tell me this 5 months ago!?!?!?

I decided to at least attempt to get the doctor to sign the form but was not optimistic that she would bother due to our history. After multiple calls to the office, I was informed today that she won’t sign it without doing allergy testing. Now, I am not opposed to testing for allergies and was going to get it done for myself last year when this doctor changed her mind and refused to order the test. The tests are not fully accurate and won’t show non allergic reactions such as sensitivities. So, why put my kid through all of that and likely still be denied the form and/or lose the spot in the class anyway?

None of it feels right. I just can’t shake that gut feeling that preschool is not right, at least not this one at this time. Nothing about this process has instilled me with confidence in the program (they didn’t know where the class would be or when it would start two weeks into the school year…).

Yes, my kid needs more time playing with kids. Yes, I think he is emotionally ready to be away from me in a group setting for a few hours. Yes, I think he would learn some things, though he knows almost all upper and lower case letters, can count to 40, can rhyme, and knows many letter sounds.

I’m just over it. I’m so done fighting with doctors and hustling paper work. I’m so done being stuck here and being poor. I’m wiping my hands of this whole preschool business.


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One Response to Preschool

  1. kayrosey says:

    Sounds frustrating, sucks that it turned into such a fiasco.

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