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I really like the Screen Free Parenting website and think this post is perfect. It solidifies so much of why we don’t watch tv. Wallace gets more screen time than their kids, which is none, but watching tv is something we do together, occasionally, and for short periods of time. He sometimes gets to play a game on my kindle or on Gramma’s ipad, such as when his cheek was glued together or when it took nearly 3 hours at the barber shop, or a few minutes at home because he asked nicely and he agrees to the timer. He also watches youtube with me once in a while and he likes to check out instagram or ravelry over our shoulders. I had many people tell me that I would need the tv, especially as a single mom. I’m still proving them wrong and would love to decrease both of our screen time more. So, everyone should read the post, check out the site, and see if they might enjoy life more with fewer screens.


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  1. kayrosey says:

    I aim for a balance with screen/no screen. Some days the kids veg out in front of the tv or play on their kindles a lot, some days nothing is even turned on. This time of year, when it’s usually cold and muddy and they don’t want to be outside as much, I find myself encouraging them to play or setting up formal activities more often. I think I have more of a problem than the kids, I’m totally addicted to my phone!

  2. I am totally phone addicted too. I really want to not be but I’m pretty isolated so use it to stay connected with people (and blog, etc). We will be watching a movie today because I am on day two of sick, but it’s never on all day. He does get the ocassional cosmic kids yoga, which I recommend looking up!

  3. Go Mama! I’m saving this site. I do let her watch TV in the morning because I figured out I can drink my coffee and read 🙂 One of the frustrating things about all this is that both my husband and I don’t let her play with our phones. We don’t let her have an iPad. But whenever my mom sees her, she is constantly letting her watch videos and is now letting her touch the screen. And she’s 16 months. So I don’t know what I’m doing to do. I don’t know how to talk to her without coming off snotty.

  4. Maybe explain you want her to have quality time with her grandma, face to face. You can show her articles about how kids under do not need screen time and learn to play better without it.

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