Bath Time

When I was pregnant, I started really researching the ingredients in my personal care and cleaning products. I knew Johnson & Johnson was atrocious, to the point that people have gotten cancer from the iconoc baby powder. There was no way I was going to give Wallace his first bath with such a toxic product, and that the hospital was just so glad to provide. At first I found some green-washers like Babyganics, and ended up giving a bottle to a friend who felt comfortable using it. Instead, his first baths were just water and herbs and it was glorious.

As poop and puke happened, I switched to using small amounts on Dr Bronner’s unscented for washing and wipes, and coconut oil for lotion. Over the last 4 years, I’ve discovered he has some chemical sensitivities, like me. He started getting eczema from playing in the tub in which my dad used various shampoos and soaps. He also got eczema from a couple brands of diapers and all brands of disposable wipes (try them on your own butt!). So, I began washing Wallace in a Rubbermade tub to prevent the reaction, keep him from slipping in the tub, and reduce the amount of water we used.

This fall, I realized in 3 1/2 years he had never had a bubble bath. He always loved playing in his baths, but a bunch of bubbles takes it to a whole new level. I splurged and ordered him some Poofy Organics Sleepy Sleep Bubble Bath  knowing that I was okay with all of the ingredients and that they wouldn’t sell a bubble bath if they didn’t know it would work well. I was expecting fewer bubbles than the chemical laden varieties, but it far exceeded my expectations! The bubbles get a couple inches thick, last a good 20 minutes, smell heavenly, and don’t require as much soap as I thought it would. Better yet, Wallace loves it!

To get the most bubbles, I squirt in a small amount as I start to fill up the tub and swish vigorously with my hand. Wallace usually cheers me on and gets excited, but that’s optional. He loves to drive his bulldozer through the “snow,” wash his animals and dinosaurs, or just enjoy the feel of the bubbles. Tonight, he had fun making bubble beards, I childhood right of passage.

*If you decide to place an order with Poofy Organics, please follow my link and sign up as a customer. Send me an email and I will refund you 10% of your first order!*

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