MicroBlog Monday: Blog Bog

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life and all the things I want to write about, or avoid processing, and so I do not blog about anything at all. Here are nine things I need to blog about:

  1. My sick cat. This is taking up time and money and is a big stressor on me at the moment.
  2. RV updates. I do not have a timeline for being on the road and what little progress I was making financially just got used up on vet bills.
  3. An update on my daith piercing. Yay, it healed!
  4. My ridiculously precocious child and all the things he loves and does.
  5. Exercise and health and how much I miss riding my bike.
  6. A review of a Poofy Organics product.
  7. All the thoughts and feelings about Wallace wanting to see Grandpa and me making that happen.
  8. How much I want to have another child and how I do not know when I will be fnancially and physically able to.
  9. My thoughts on Easter as a Buddhist who was raised Lutheran and doesn’t really get along with my family.

This four year old of mine…


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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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5 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Blog Bog

  1. Vet bills! My dog passed away in mid-march. It was a super sad experience and I might not fully recover. She was like a soulmate. In the process of trying to make her comfortable and prolong her better health in the face of failing kidneys, i racked up almost $4k in credit card debt. Financially painful, likely for years to come. Best wishes to you with your situation. I hear you. Once again. 😢

  2. Oh wow I’m sorry you went through that with your pet. I know I can’t go into that amount of debt and the vet is working with me to do this as cheaply as possible. I spent 2 weeks researching raw food diets for her and found a way to make it lower phosphorus. So much better than the rx diets. The biggest problem has been that the thyroid medication showed the true colors of her kidney disease and after 2 1/2 weeks she stopped eating due to nausea. Took her off the medication last week and she is finally eating, along with me giving her subcutaneous fluids every night.

  3. Mel says:

    All things I would want to hear more about, especially the last one because I know so little about Easter. Sending good thoughts for your cat.

  4. Can’t say I know much about Easter either. Ha! I know the secular things we do, like egg hunts, were stolen from pagan and nature based beliefs. Gotta love Christianity…

  5. Yes- I’ve heard that cats do much better with kidney disease than dogs. I’m any caseit is so hard to see your pet go through this 😦

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