A Little Bit of Hope

With all of Nina’s health problems, I have been doing a lot of research. I researched a raw diet for her. I researched CBD oil, which is not off the table yet, but I haven’t purchased any. I researched homeopathy, which is the same remedy that might be good for me, so I will probably grab some next time I’m at the health food store. I researched canned cat foods, phosphorus levels, and how to convert different ways of labeling them. In researching herbs to support her body, I came across something called transfer factors. And then it clicked.

Transfer factors are found in the colostrum of mammals and they educate the immune system of newborns. I know about this as I had read a ton before I got pregnant and after I had Wallace. Colostrum is essential to establishing the immune system and closing up the immature gut lining.


Gut lining. Leaking gut. Food intolerances. Autoimmune diseases. (Also allergies and asthma, which I don’t have.)

I contacted the person whose website I found the information on. It turns out she sells for a MLM. That’s fine, but I didn’t like many of the ingredients in their supplements. There’s absolutely no reason to have maltodextrin in something that is meant to repair and heal the body. So back to searching, this time on Amazon. I was able to find a company* that had ingredients that I approved of and I compared prices on Amazon to on their site. I placed an order and started taking it the night after it arrived. (Getting Nina to take it is another story.)

The research and materials on transfer factors is huge and I am baffled that I had not heard of this before. If formula companies started making this for newborns**, if NICUs started giving it to those most in need (who couldn’t get human colostrum and breastmilk), if doctors started prescribing it for autoimmune disease… Just, wow.

Overall, I have a feeling of hope that I didn’t have a week ago. AIP has helped me a lot but I am not healing with this diet alone. My body needs a deeper healing and that has to start in my gut, which has been a mess. I have a little bit of hope that, one day in the next couple months, I will wake up and realize that I feel the best I have in years.



*Here’s the company in case anyone is curious. I can make referrals and get some sort of bonus points or I can become an affiliate and earn directly through a link, but I haven’t signed up to do either.

*What I’m thinking is that any newborn who isn’t breastfed, for whatever reason, is given a pack of colostrum bottles that increase in size with the natural stretching of the stomach. This would hugely increase their immunity and lifelong health as well as decrease healthcare costs. After two days of colostrum, regular formula or donor milk could be started.


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